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Author Topic: Attention: All Raider Fans in Florida (Oakland Raiders Soldiers Booster Club)  (Read 2729 times)


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NOW is the time to join forces with Raiders fans around the world in celebration of the greatest team in professional sports history, the OAKLAND RAIDERS! Read on to find out how you can take advantage of this great opportunity!

This club was started with the vision to keep The OAKLAND RAIDERS FANS who served in the United States Military informed on whats going on a daily basis. Being a US Soldier myself being deployed its hard to watch, attend the games or even check it on the Internet to see how they performed on Sunday. So by starting this BOOSTER we can connect in a special way with our Troops! Care packages, newsletter, Oakland Raiders gear anything to make them feel at home! If you’re not a Soldier you still can JOIN……

ORSBC (Oakland Raiders Soldiers Booster Club) is currently under the 6 month probation period to become officially recognized by the Oakland Raiders, and is the only Raiders booster club that is not geographically based. As an booster club, ORSBC operates as a non-profit, voluntary association. All funds not used for club operating expenses and member benefits go to worthy charitable causes.

The membership fee for 2008-2009, our first year, is U.S. $15.00, and 25.00 for a family of 3 or more. The membership covers your t-shirt and the postage to mail it to you. (Our fiscal year runs January 1-December 31.) Applicants receive a membership card, access to the ORSBC mail list and to members-only sections of our web site, and the opportunity to attend events sponsored by the Booster Clubs Steering Committee (more below)

By filling out the ORSBC Membership Application Form, and being accepted as a member of ORSBC during this current fiscal year, you receive the following fantastic benefits:

New Members

• An ID card identifying you as a member of ORSBC. (We negotiate with merchants that have ties or affiliations with the Oakland Raiders to provide discounts on Raiders-related merchandise or services to ORSBC members who display their I.D. card during purchase!)

• Subscription to the Club's e-mail list for discussing club issues and the Oakland Raiders.
It's an active list!

• Access to the private areas of the Club's web site (Bulletin board)

• Access to events in the Bay Area through our affiliation with the SCBCOR (a Steering Committee of officially recognized clubs)!

• Joining up with the best fans in professional sports—the worldwide fans of the Oakland Raiders!

If you are interested in joining ORSBC—and how could you not be after what you've just read?—please send me a message and I will be happy to send you the information.

Thanks for your interest in The Oakland Raiders Soldiers Boosters Club Florida Chapter.
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