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Tebowing will invade Madden 13
Mike Florio,

Calvin Johnson on Madden '13 cover

This weekend I popped NFL 2k5 for the xbox.  Still the best football video game I have ever played.  Played a game with the raiders.  WTF didn't that team do well?  I can't remember, but they had some very nice talent

SgtRaider in K-town:
XBL GT- Zombiewhoard502 add me

Here's an excerpt from an article telling the story of how John Madden got involved with Electronic Arts in the early development of the Madden NFL video game:

As the story goes, EA suggested that the first game bearing Madden’s name go light, maybe with seven players on a side, to cut down on the complexity of programming and playing the game. Here is Madden’s reaction to that suggestion:

Early on the company paid big money to sports legends to give authenticity to their games, and when Trip decided to make the definitive football game, he enlisted legendary Oakland Raiders coach and commercial pitchman John Madden to be the (giant) face of the game. When the developers showed Madden an early version of the game that could only display seven players per team, John wasn’t shy about sharing what he thought.

“Fuck that and fuck you people. Either we do it fuckin’ right or we don’t fuckin’ do it at all.” The team was pretty shocked to hear him saying things he’d normally keep confined to the locker room, but it ultimately pushed the team to get their football game as close to perfect as possible. They toiled for years, even as some in the company wanted to cancel the seemingly unending project, and when it finally did launch it created a dynasty that will probably exist as long as people throw footballs and the NFL gives exclusive contracts.
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