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Post by: Randy on November 17, 2008, 06:57:16 PM
You can use the "attach" command below under "additional options" to attach your photos, but we would prefer it if you use a photo hosting service (free) to store your actual photos and put a link to them in your post. This will display your photos here without anyone having to click on a link. You just copy and paste in the code that your photo hosting service will provide after you upload your photos to their site.

Several such sites include:

if you can't use a photo hosting service and you must attach your photos, here is how you do it:

To Upload a picture:
1) Click "Reply" button above and to your right to create a new post
2) Click "Additional Options" at bottom of post window, then click "Browse", then find the photo on your computer and attach it

To Download a picture:
1) Right Click on a PC, or Control-Click on a Mac
2) Choose appropriate item from list "save as..., save to disk,"

If you do opt for uploading your photos via "attachment", here are the restrictions as far as file types, number permitted, size per photo, etc.

Photo types permitted: jpg, gif, png
Max. attachment size per post = 4 mb
Max. size per attachment (per photo) = 1 mb
Max. # of photos per post = 12
Max. width of thumbnails = 600 px
Max. height of thumbnails = 400 px

(note: the thumbnail sizes are how large, in pixels, the photos will show up on the forum page. If they are larger than this, they will be automatically downsized for the "thumbnail", but when you click on them, they will enlarge to the original size)

Like I said before, using a photo hosting service Flickr, Photobucket, or imagevenue is the best way to go. Just make sure when you put the code for the photo in your post that it has (http://at the beginning of the code and) at the end.

Here is a nice photo to start us off...
Go Niners!

[attachment deleted by admin]