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Raiders and NFL Talk / Re: NFL FREE AGENCY
« Last post by Raider_D on March 12, 2015, 09:56:54 AM »
Honestly, if Demarco isn't already interested in us knowing we are probably offering the most money then eff him and go trade for AP. I would like either but I think AP has also proved to be a great stable back but unlike Murray he has done it with a not so talented O-line. Other than that I Love the signings so far. End this all with a solid draft and I will be a happy fan.
Raiders and NFL Talk / Re: NFL FREE AGENCY
« Last post by Matty Raider on March 11, 2015, 11:20:15 AM »
Just signed Dan Williams (NT from Cards) and Curtis Lofton (ILB from Saints)

Solid signings.
« Last post by Matty Raider on March 10, 2015, 11:26:27 AM »
Damn, missed the boneline!  Perfect opportunity for me to say on the phone what I am going to say now...


Take your silver and black glasses off and see this for what it tier FAs aren't coming to a team that has been completely unstable and losing for over a decade.  To top it off, we have no f'n clue where the team is going to be next year.  Try selling that to a primadonna athlete.

Let's get some stability and move forward.  Build the trenches through FA.  Sure, it's not sexy but I love me some beasts on the line.   It ain't Reggie's fault either fellas, Cobb knew we'd pay him $13M a season, he chose to go back to the Packers with ARod throwing him the rock in the playoffs.  Do you blame him?  As for Suh, fuck him.  He was never coming here.  It would take to all about week 2 for the NFL to suspend him anyway with a Raiders shield on his new helmet.  Enough already.


Anyone who doesn't want to come to the Raiders, screw em.  Us against the world.  I like it that way.
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Segment #1: The Eve of NFL Free Agency 2015 - On your mark, get set, GO RAIDERS!

The Raiders have the 2nd most cap space behind the Jacksonville Jaguars. How will they spend all that money? Can they get top free agents to come to Oakland? Free agency doesn't officially start until tomorrow (Tuesday), but Ndomukong Suh is already reported to be going to the Dolphins. Randall Cobb is staying in Green Bay. Where should the Raiders concentrate their free agent efforts? Raider Greg shares some ideas.

Segment #2: The St. Louis Raiders?

We've heard lots of stadium ideas for the Raiders, and now possibly moving to St. Louis?

Segment #3: Raider Nation "Boneline" Call-in Segment

You can call in to the Boneline and get on the podcast yourself. Toll-Free 1-800-620-7181. Try to keep your call around 2-3 minutes long. If we get a lot of calls we may not be able to air all of them, so make them good. Preference may be given to first time callers. Sorry if your call is not aired. Please call back to get on another show.

This week’s callers:

01. Hoss from Illinois
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03. Raider Joe in "Seacock Country"
04. ObiWan Raider in Magnolia, Texas
05. Raider Sid "The Desert Raider"
06. Giovanni in Murrieta, California
07. ED from LA aka "Double O Raider"
08. ObiWan Raider after the NFL Combine
09. Raider Red in Southern Illinois
10. The Prez of RNOM
11. Maritime Raider in New Brunswick, Canada
12. Caleb "The Raider Optimist"
13. Crusader Raider Keith Smith from London, England
14. Autumn Wind Williams
15. Raider Punch

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« Last post by wordpuddles on March 08, 2015, 12:28:47 AM »
Especially since we lost a chance at randall cobb after green bay resigned him
« Last post by Raider_D on March 06, 2015, 01:57:32 PM »
Suh is almost a must for me at this point. It is more due to the trickle effect. If we actually spend the money to get him it going to open the eyes to more "big time" free agents that we mean business and we would be able to bring more in such as Cobb or Murray from the cowboys. We have the money and it is finally time to spend it and stop sitting on it like it is gaining interest. We have the opportunity and we need this to help solidify our base for this team for the now and future cause along with Mac and Carr and Reece. Let him meet with us next week and DO NOT let him leave without signing.
Raiders and NFL Talk / Re: Del Rio v. Elway
« Last post by Toecutter on March 01, 2015, 12:08:40 AM »
Don't know if this is true or not, but I found it this morning.  Great read. 

Forgive the grammar/spelling errors by the author...
Would give a pretty penny to be watching that action, make John-boy cry.... ;D
Create Your Own Topic Here / Re: Sirius XM
« Last post by Toecutter on March 01, 2015, 12:06:47 AM »
Me too, I had Sirius in my truck for a while but got tired of "all Patriots all the time, oh and da Jets".
Raiders and NFL Talk / Re: NFL Hall of Fame
« Last post by Toecutter on March 01, 2015, 12:02:51 AM »
Congrats to Tim Brown on the HOF induction....
Was very surprised those meatheads finally selected him, love T. Brown. Respect.
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