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Create Your Own Topic Here / ESPN rate NFL coaches
« Last post by SoulPatrol on August 28, 2014, 05:07:18 PM »
RNP Fantasy Football Leagues / Division 1 - RNP Fantasy League 2014
« Last post by Randy on August 28, 2014, 10:35:37 AM »
Sat Aug 30 12:00pm PDT

Commissioner is Oscar "RaiderWilde" Thomas

Update: Draft is complete. Good luck everyone!
RNP Fantasy Football Leagues / Division 2 - RNP Fantasy League 2014
« Last post by Randy on August 28, 2014, 10:34:16 AM »
Commissioner is Oscar "RaiderWilde" Thomas
Info to come...
RNP Fantasy Football Leagues / Re: Division 2 Fantasy League - 2013
« Last post by Black Hole Son on August 27, 2014, 12:15:44 PM »
I started a new Raider Nation league in yahoo fantasy football 2014.  It's a live draft on Sunday the 29th at 9:15 pst.  It's a 12 man league.   

1 team def

I would love some real raider fans to play against.
So, apparently Schaub has a sore elbow which is why he has failed to produce in pre season.  Oh my god it's Matt Flynn all over again.
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The experiment with Schaub needs to end, that is for sure.
Do we actually have any offence?

Once again I've been suckered in by all the off season excitement, only to have the rug pulled out from under during pre-season.  Let's hope DA is trying to lull the rest of the NFL into a false sense of security and secretly we are actually awesome.  ;)
Socially Related Stuff / Re: GUESTBOOK (Sign in! Tell us about yourself!)
« Last post by Donry Fetor on August 22, 2014, 06:33:11 PM »
Hey Folks!
Thought I would drop by and introduce myself.  I am a newbie to the site, have been listening to the podcasts for a couple months now.  Nice to have some Raiders banter out there....cause I'm from Canada eh.  Yep.  Raiders-loving-Canuck-from-the-Great-White-North.  I'm in the Toronto area, and right now there is some debate about getting a shitty AFC East team relocated here....which would suck because I cannot stand the Bills.  Freakin' hate the Bills.  Anyway, I have been following the Silver and Black since the late '70's/early '80's.  Really began watching them during the Marcus Allen era and a bit previous to that.  Have been loyal to the club throughout.  For years though it was difficult to catch a Raiders game or even news for that matter.  Regionally, we got Bills games up here.  Nationally, we would get who ever was featured on the big networks.  The last decade has been great for us Raiders fans least when it comes to being able to catch a game on the tube.  Glad to be aboard.  Hopefully this season is a barn burner.


Segment #1: Expectations of the Raider Nation

Raider Greg reviews what has happened with the Raiders during the tenure of Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen and asks whether or not the team will meet our expectations this year.

Segment #2: Lack of Mack

Dennis Allen says he thinks Khalil Mack will be an impact player this year. So far in preseason we haven't seen much of an impact. Jadavian Clowney made his presence known in his game with the Texans this week. When will we see the emergence of Mack?

Segment #3: Lions @ Raiders Postgame Wrapup

We saw definite improvement over preseason game #1 vs the Vikings when the Raiders took on the Lions in Oakland last week. Raider Greg shares his game experience.

Segment #4 “The Boneline” Voicemail Segment

You can call in to the Boneline and get on the podcast yourself. Toll-Free 1-800-620-7181. Try to keep your call around 2-3 minutes long. If we get a lot of calls we may not be able to air all of them, so make them good. Preference may be given to first time callers. Sorry if your call is not aired. Please call back to get on another show.

This week’s callers:

01. Raider Tom from Minneapolis
02. Raider Steve in Vegas
03. Johnny D “The Bluegrass Raider” from Kentucky
04. Raider Red from Southern Illinois
05. Autumn Wind Williams
06. Mikey Rayder from Raider Central
07. Raider Zen
08. Raider Loon from El Centro, California
09. Raider Garrett from Mozoula, Montana
10. Raider D from the IE
11. Familiar Voice
12. Kansas Raider
13. The Shady Raider
14. Moneyman has spoken Raider
15. Anthony the 360 Raider in Bellingham, Washington
16. Raider Frank

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Music credit: The Raiders by Sam Spence; Back in Black by AC-DC; Just My Imagination by The Temptations; Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood.

Available in the iTunes store.

Running time - 1:15:55

Listen to the show now:
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