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Raiders Games 2014 / Week 14: 49ers @ Raiders - Sunday 12/07/14 - 1:25pm Pacific
« Last post by Randy on April 24, 2014, 01:07:31 PM »
San Francisco 49ers @ Oakland Raiders
Sunday 12/07/14
1:25pm Pacific - 4:25pm Eastern

Raiders vs 49ers Preview:
Raiders Games 2014 / Week 15: Raiders @ Chiefs - Sunday 12/14/14 - 10am Pacific
« Last post by Randy on April 24, 2014, 01:05:39 PM »
Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs
Sunday 12/14/14
10am Pacific - 1pm Eastern

Raiders vs Chiefs Preview:
Raiders Games 2014 / Week 16: Bills @ Raiders - Sunday 12/21/14 - 1:25pm Pacific
« Last post by Randy on April 24, 2014, 01:03:31 PM »
Buffalo Bills @ Oakland Raiders
Sunday 12/21/14
1:25pm Pacific - 4:25pm Eastern
Raiders Games 2014 / Week 17: Raiders @ Broncos - Sunday 12/28/14 - 1:25pm Pacific
« Last post by Randy on April 24, 2014, 01:01:36 PM »
Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos
Sunday 12/28/14
1:25pm Pacific - 4:25pm Eastern

Raiders vs Broncos Preview:
February 14th (Valentines Day):

Happy 40th to Richard the "Diehard Essex Raider" from the UK

February 16th:

Juan Jorge, aka "Bandido"

"Pennsylvania Raider" - Happy 32nd!

February 22nd:

Raider Rodney - Happy 40th!

CentralILRAIDERCHRISTIAN1 - Happy 23rd!

February 26th:

Nebraska Raider - Happy 24th!

March 3rd:

Randy - Happy 61st to me (OMG! The math must be wrong)

March 5th:

Raider Greg - Happy 57th youngster!

March 14th:

Big Raider Dave Chapman - Happy 50th Dave! See you at Wembley....and before!

April 16th:

Happy 40th to "Englishraider" Les Wilke, an RNP "Hall of Famer"
Terrelle Pryor traded to Seattle for a 7th round pick.

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Raiders and NFL Talk / Mayor Quan
« Last post by Autumn Wind Williams on April 20, 2014, 09:29:25 PM »
This is just another purpose why it is important for Raider fans especially those of us from Oakland to call the Mayor's, Alameda Supervisor's, City Councils' offices..

If she wants votes she has to make sure she completes what is right for the City of Oakland..Growing up I've seen so much taken away from my home and it started mainly around after the Raiders moved to L.A..Then the violence increased, more drug dealers were increasing, etc..

Why? Because jobs were taken away and depression from the lack of things to do.
Raiders and NFL Talk / Re: Turns out Oakland mayor's princely claim was royal fib
« Last post by Randy on April 20, 2014, 09:49:04 AM »
Turns out Oakland mayor's princely claim was royal fib
Levi Damien, SB Nation

Is she up for re-election this year? If so, she may be on her way out.

Yes she is up for re-election.
Socially Related Stuff / Re: UPCOMING EVENTS
« Last post by Autumn Wind Williams on April 15, 2014, 01:56:26 AM »

This rally is a grassroots event (led by Dr. Death, and being organized by fans, supporters, and community leaders) aimed with the intention of showing the Oakland Raiders organization, City of Oakland, County of Alameda, and all parties involved, that it is absolutely imperative that a deal (to build the Raiders a new stadium as part of the Coliseum City project) is completed to keep the Raiders in Oakland long into the future. Dr. Death has already obtained event and sound permits, so we are official to go!

 The rally will begin at 11 am at Raiders HQ in Alameda, where we will hand Raiders owner Mark Davis a petition with 10,000 signatures in support of keeping the Raiders in its rightful birthplace in Oakland, CA. At 2:30 pm, the rally will continue in front of Oakland City Hall with a march down Broadway soon thereafter. We hope to conclude the day of events with a party at Ricky's Sports Theatre in San Leandro. More details to follow as they finalize.

 Signs and banners are highly encouraged. Please be sure to use responsible and tasteful language on these banners. Here’s just a few generic examples: “I support the Raiders as part of Coliseum City,” or “Keep the Raiders in Oakland.” Be creative, just in a non-offensive manner.

 We have chosen the date of May 10th, 2014 (3rd and final day of the NFL draft) in an effort to draw the most media attention to this cause, and to ensure that there is more than enough time for everyone to make plans to attend.

 We sincerely hope that you all can make the time to attend this very important event, as this is our initial outing in showing a physical presence in support of this cause. Our success will be determined by YOU!

 Please spread the word amongst all of your friends, family, and colleagues. Feel free to share this event.
Socially Related Stuff / THE VOICE OF THE NATION:MAY DAY
« Last post by Autumn Wind Williams on April 15, 2014, 01:52:10 AM »

On May 1, 2014 to May 7, 2014 the Raider Nation will flood the phone lines of the Oakland Raiders Headquarter and the City of Oakland. We will express that the Raiders must not only have a Commitment to Excellence but, a Commitment to Oakland. We've waited way too long for the Oakland's Coliseum City agreement to be finalized. The time is now to make it official and we will Keep the Raiders in Oakland.

 CALL these numbers and demand action in a professional way of course:

 Oakland Raiders 510.864.5000
 Mayor Jean Quan 510.238.3141
 City Council Reception 510.238.3266
 District1 DanKalb 510.238.7001
 District2 PatriciaKenirghan 510.238.7002
 District3 LynetteGibson-McElhaney 510.238.7003
 District4 LibbySchaff 510.238.7004
 District5 NoelGallo 510.238.7005
 District6 DesleyBrooks 510.238.7006
 District7 LarryE.Reid 510.238.7007
 Matthew Artz 510-208-6435 Oakland City Hall Reporter at Oakland Tribune
Kamika Dunlap Policy Assistant 510.272.3691

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