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Looks like a blast over there....across the pond.....hopefully the Dolphins roll over after too many warm pints.
Asia? Canada, where it is going to get cold very soon....
Raider Randy and Raider Greg - have a great and safe trip to London!  Represent!

Can't wait to see the footage!

Crusader Raider, lead the way!

A few photos from our wanderings around London today (Thursday 9/25)

Raider Randy and Raider Greg - have a great and safe trip to London!  Represent!

Can't wait to see the footage!

Crusader Raider, lead the way!
Raiders Games 2014 / Re: Week 3: Raiders @ Patriots - Sunday 09/21/14 - 10am Pacific
« Last post by Essex Raider on September 22, 2014, 12:26:18 PM »
Pretty much agree with what's already been said.  This did look like a much needed improvement and at least we didn't embarrass ourselves.  Patriots didn't look like the Pats of old, but I've seen suck like this before when under pressure and our D did a great job getting to him, especially as we were only rushing 4.  Some very nice work by Mack this week.

What's most annoying about Moore is that I've just bought his shirt ready for Sunday here in London based on his performance in the 4th PS game (that and it was all that was left in my size :) ).  Oh well, every day is a school day.

See you all in London baby! :)
Raiders Games 2014 / Re: Week 3: Raiders @ Patriots - Sunday 09/21/14 - 10am Pacific
« Last post by Wazzu11js on September 22, 2014, 12:06:03 PM »
Agreed.  I hate to look at it that way as well, but we have a long way to go, so baby steps for now.  This was a much needed improved performance.  Although I'm skeptical that the patriots are just not as good as they have been in the past, so it could be more of an issue on their ability vs an improvement by our guys.

My biggest takeaways from Sunday:

1)  Our running game is nowhere near adequate, let alone a strength as the Raider staff had implied during the pre-season.

McFadden is not the solution and I'm afraid that MJD isn't either.  Hopefully I'm wrong about MJD.  We need to get McFadden the ball in space.  I still like the idea of splitting him out or getting him more swing passes.  If he has a chance to make someone miss then he can be productive, but he's not going to grind it out between the tackles anymore.

I would like to see Latavius Murray get some more reps to see what he can do.  He did get a couple of carriers and didn't do anything with them, but I'd like to see him get some more carriers so we can better evaluate him.

If we had a running game it would be a game changer.  It would open things up in a big way for Carr and the passing game and it would make our defense much better by giving them time to rest.

2)  Denarius Moore NEEDS TO GO!

He had the catch in the first half and went out of bounds w/o trying to pick up the extra 2 yards for a first down.  We ended up punting 1-2 plays later since we couldn't pick up the additional yards needed.  I even saw an asst coach barking at him immediately on that play as a result of his lack of effort, he could have easily lowered his shoulder and picked up another yard, possibly even enough for the first down.

His top priority every down seems to be "avoid being hit".  He obviously made very little effort on the last offensive play.  I think we should move on from him now.  Trade him if you can or move him to the practice squad and try to trade him later or cut him.  He does not exhibit the Raider mentality.  He plays scared every down.

I hope that when he finds a wife and has a family that his wife is bright enough to invest in an excellent security system and purchase a couple of firearms for home defense.  I'm certain that if there ever came a day that an intruder entered his home that he would be hiding under the bed or fleeing out the back door and everyone in the house would be on their own.

Give me someone that has some heart.......and let them have the reps, even if they can't run as fast or have less talent.  This guy really irritates me with his inconsistency and lack of effort.

Raiders Games 2014 / Re: Week 3: Raiders @ Patriots - Sunday 09/21/14 - 10am Pacific
« Last post by Matty Raider on September 22, 2014, 07:28:55 AM »
I know there are no moral victories, but the Raiders played hard and the D showed up.  McFadden, can you please allow the hole to open up?  The guy has no vision unless the hole in the line is like 8 feet wide!  He is getting paid peanuts so we aren't wasting money despite his injury history.  But McKenzie letting Jennings go???  Dude dropped 176 yards on the Texans D yesterday.  Get your head out Reggie.

Raiders and NFL Talk / Re: RAIDERS PLAYERS (Trades, Cuts, Injuries, Rumors, etc.)
« Last post by Matty Raider on September 19, 2014, 03:21:57 PM »
So Reggie waived DE Shelby Harris.

We need all the pass rush we can get.  I understand he's a 7th rounder but he played well in the preseason at least.

I can't stand the incompetence anymore.
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