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Segment #1: Seahawks @ Raiders Postgame review and Raiders' preseason recap

Raider Greg reviews the Raiders' preseason, ending with their surprising performance in Oakland on Thursday. Derek Carr and the whole team put on a brilliant performance that you would never expect in game four of the preseason against the World Champion Seattle Seahawks. Raider Greg was there and shares his perspective on the game. He almost didn't go.

Segment #2: Do we have a QB Controversy? Should we Start the Carr?

Dennis Allen seemed like he was having trouble finding the right words after Derek Carr took center stage in his first NFL start, even if it was just a preseason game. Raider Nation seems overwhelmingly in favor of Carr starting our regular season opener vs the Jets in New York. Dennis Allen says he will evaluate the situation on Monday when Matt Schaub reports. He will evaluate Schaub's elbow tendonitis and start deciding on his starter.

Segment #3 “The Boneline” Voicemail Segment

You can call in to the Boneline and get on the podcast yourself. Toll-Free 1-800-620-7181. Try to keep your call around 2-3 minutes long. If we get a lot of calls we may not be able to air all of them, so make them good. Preference may be given to first time callers. Sorry if your call is not aired. Please call back to get on another show.

This week’s callers:

01. Five-O Raider
02. ObiWan Raider from Magnolia, Texas
03. Raider Loon from El Centro, California
04. ObiWan Raider (Call #2)
05. Autumn Wind Williams
06. Raider JR from Richmond, VA
07. Raider Chuko from East L.A.
08. Raider Mike from Tampa, Florida
09. OC Raider in Orange County, California
10. Johnny D the Bluegrass Raider from Kentucky
11. RJ The Raider Junkie from Whittier, California
12. Raider Jim from Asheville, N. Carolina
13. Autumn Wind Williams (Call #2)
14. Raider Sid “The Desert Raider”
15. Moneyman has spoken Raider
16. Raider Steve from Pittsburgh just before the Seahawks game
17. Aztec Raider watching the Seahawks game
18. Raider Jaime from Bakersfield, California watching Seahawks game
19. Raider O from Walawala, Washington
20. Raider Red after the Seahawks game

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Music credit: The Raiders by Sam Spence; Back in Black by AC-DC; Controversy by Prince; Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood.

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Running time - 1:22:32

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Create Your Own Topic Here / Re: ESPN rate NFL coaches
« Last post by Toecutter on August 30, 2014, 12:57:36 PM »
Chip Kelly better than Lovie? Naw, don't think so. Kelly has to do something before I think he's got the NFL gig down.

DA? Hmmm, can't say I disagree with you there.
Create Your Own Topic Here / Re: Carr's time to shine
« Last post by SoulPatrol on August 29, 2014, 09:45:02 AM »
Well, did the light finally click on the team or was that a fluke first half?  Did Carr just torch the #1 secondary, with some luck thrown in?  Did we run it down their throats with our 3 & 4 RB’s?  Did we actually pass block with #1 & #2 mixed in together?  Did DMoore finally look like a #1 WR?
Create Your Own Topic Here / Re: ESPN rate NFL coaches
« Last post by SoulPatrol on August 28, 2014, 05:19:05 PM »
I pretty much agree with most of these, especially #32.   Chip Kelly deserves to be higher and lets be serious. Is Fox really coaching the donks?  I think not, Manning is his own OC.  Fox's job is the easiest gig in the league.
Create Your Own Topic Here / ESPN rate NFL coaches
« Last post by SoulPatrol on August 28, 2014, 05:07:18 PM »
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