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The horrible Raiders performance did not take away from the most amazing weekend. Even got to see Crusader Raider Keith Smith and Dave Chapman's team Leyton Orient, the mighty O,s

The Raider nation took over London, the Wembley black hole.

Seeing Raider Greg being stopped by people in street and fans coming up to him to say they listen to the podcast was awesome. Raider Randy and Raider Greg make such a difference to raider fans worldwide and for all the weekend I realised that had I never looked up the Raider Nation podcast after seeing the tailgate banner when I was in oakland in 2005 (we lost to the dolphins !!!) I would never have made so many great Raider friends from all round the world   

On the bright side we all got to see the final game of the Dennis Allen era, and i will see you all for the invasion of South Oakland in November.
Well, I had planned on posting a message here after the game but was so angry and disgusted at the performance that I thought it best to wait until today. That idea didn't work because I'm still fuming. The Nation was represented big in the stadium, we were everywhere, but the Oakland Raiders were sadly not represented by the playerss and coaching staff. That performance was embarrassing and piss poor.

With the exception of the first drive everything else about our game was pitiful, they play calling, the execution, the whole lot!

We couldn't even manage to assist our QB off the field when he clearly was injured. Here we have a rookie QB who after scrambling for a few yards and being tackled, tried to get up on his feet but was clearly limping. No one, absolutely no one, came to his assistance, not even one of his team mates on the field who would have more experience than him walked over to advise him to stay down. He was allowed to get, limp back to the huddle for another play when it was clear he could only put weight on one foot. That's absolutely shambolic in my book.

And to finish it off, the many fans who flew over from the States specifically for this game, plus those over here already who the majority hadn't seen the Raiders in a live game before, didn't even get a show of appreciation by the team at the end of the game. What is wrong with simply standing there on the field and clapping at the fans that have come to support you! Fucking pathetic!
So it's official, this team now sucks on two continents.

Great to meet Greg and the Crusader Raider yesterday before the game, sorry I didn't get to meet you Randy. The atmosphere at the Raider Trailer was amazing, pity it didn't really carry through into the stadium, at least to where I was, surrounded by 'phins fans. :)

However, me and the few other members of the nation that were sitting near me made ourselves heard and that seemed to make the dolphin fans cheer louder so at least we helped them have a good day.  ;D

Safe trip home to all you guys who made the trip, hope to see you in Oakland sometime soon.

That was ugly.....Raiders looked like they were suffering from hang over and severe jet lag..if only those were legit excuses

Players have given up on Allen and are not playing for him, might as well get rid of him and see how the players respond, 8-29 overall 0-4 this season

Looks like a blast over there....across the pond.....hopefully the Dolphins roll over after too many warm pints.
Asia? Canada, where it is going to get cold very soon....
Raider Randy and Raider Greg - have a great and safe trip to London!  Represent!

Can't wait to see the footage!

Crusader Raider, lead the way!

A few photos from our wanderings around London today (Thursday 9/25)

Raider Randy and Raider Greg - have a great and safe trip to London!  Represent!

Can't wait to see the footage!

Crusader Raider, lead the way!
Raiders Games 2014 / Re: Week 3: Raiders @ Patriots - Sunday 09/21/14 - 10am Pacific
« Last post by Essex Raider on September 22, 2014, 12:26:18 PM »
Pretty much agree with what's already been said.  This did look like a much needed improvement and at least we didn't embarrass ourselves.  Patriots didn't look like the Pats of old, but I've seen suck like this before when under pressure and our D did a great job getting to him, especially as we were only rushing 4.  Some very nice work by Mack this week.

What's most annoying about Moore is that I've just bought his shirt ready for Sunday here in London based on his performance in the 4th PS game (that and it was all that was left in my size :) ).  Oh well, every day is a school day.

See you all in London baby! :)
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