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MadRaiders #32 Needs Help For Research On 1993 LA Raiders (for book I'm writing)

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Wow I am surprised that this topic is still here but I am thankful that it is.  This project was delayed due to all kinds of circumstances, thankfully all 18 games have been written out in narrative format but I still have to take care of the preseason and the finale (where are they now) chapters.  I am sorry to anyone who was on the lookout for this book.  I also want to thank all of you who have helped me prepare this.


Remember the Broncos/Raiders playoff game back in 1994?  Remember that fight between the two teams.  Here is how I describe it in my upcoming book.

"With the Raiders running game struggling, Art Shell asked injured fullback Steve Smith to enter the game and provide the team with his superb run blocking.  Smith’s ankle still ailed him but he made the most of it and starting from their own 16, Steve Smith led the way twice for Tyrone Montgomery which netted six yards.  On third down Jeff Hostetler called for another pass but finding nobody open Hostetler scrambled out of bounds at the Raider 28 for a first down.  As Hostetler quietly approached the out of bounds line, defensive back Le-Lo Lang dived at Hostetlers knees in an attempt to make sure that Hostetler stepped out of bounds.  Hostetler took the diving attempt by Lang as a cheap shot and the pair exchanged words and blows.  In front of the Raiders sideline both Lang and Hostetler locked themselves in aggressive combat for a moment but as the pair disengaged 305 pound Steve Wisnewsiki got a running start and bulldozed the 185 pound Lang to the ground.  A small fight ensued between the Raiders bench and several Bronco players which included a separate scuffle between Tim Brown and Tyrone Braxton.  The problem between Brown and Braxton had been boiling since the pair had exchanged words one week earlier.  On Hostetler’s scramble, Braxton blanketed Brown and to make sure that Brown didn't beat him again the Bronco defensive back hit Brown in the back of the helmet with a forearm.  Brown stumbled but recovered and easily turned around to engage Braxton in combat.  The pair had to be separated by referees and Braxton was hit with a unnecessary roughness penalty.  The brutal hatred and rivalry between the Raiders and Broncos had boiled over with the Raiders getting the better of the deal with a first down at their own 42-yard line."

“Everyone wants to talk about the memories, I guess the things that stand out with me were the defeat, the defeats the agony of defeat.  The Sea of Hands catch was a day of glory but to be honest with you, in the back of my mind I remember the fact that we could have won a Super Bowl that year.”


If you have pictures from the 1993 season I would love to include them in the book.  You would recieve full credit OR if you have any photos of the Los Angeles Memorial Colisium between 1990-1994 it would be appreciated if you could take the time to let me know, scan them and get them to me.

So if you have pics, please help.  I know we have the best fans in the world and we help one another.

Email me here or post a messege and I'll get back to you

I will try to post more excerpts.  I am getting really proud of this book because I am closing in on the final four games.  I have to endure the final game between the Packers and the Raiders.  L.A. lost 28-0.


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