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immaculate reception(deception) 40 years later

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houston raider:
Thanks randy,
it was a Great interview..wasn;t it poetic justice that after all the Sh@T that Franco gives Phil Every Year on december 23 that the Bengals Eliminated the Steelers at Heinz field and ended the most recent Steelers Dynasty?(on december 23)Whose laughing now Franco?We have heard ALL week and seen the Immaculate DECEPTION a jillion times...Franco,Rocky(where is Bulwinkle?), and Alot of the Steelers 72 team was at heinz field and were honored on the field.....during the Bengals game....
    The Steelers fans were absent from Mollys pub Most of this season....they show up for the bengals game-cheering LOUDLY....when the Steelers made a Big play or scored a td...they were so PISSED when Big Ben threw that pick with 14 seconds left...when the Bengals kicked the game winning field goal you could have heard a pin DROP....they were so PISSED-like someone DIED....they filed out quietly-like a funeral procession...they couldn;t get out of Mollys fast enough.....Bengals thanks for the EARLY Christmas present.....I didn;t say anything-all these years takin SHIT from Steelers fans...NONSTOP...their silence was deafening...the Steelers are NOT back baby...lmao:O)))

Did you guys catch this link I posted a few days ago? Pretty funny. It's a phone interview with Phil Villapiano on 95.7 "The Game" bay area radio. He was on the field with the Raiders' defense when the immaculate reception (deception) happened, and was involved with the play. In this interview he tells the whole story plus more. He said that to this day.....every year....Franco Harris calls him up on the phone on the anniversary of the immaculate reception (December 23rd - today). To rub it in obviously. Then he goes on to say Pittsburgh....they have used surveyors to calculate the exact spot where Franco Harris made the immaculate reception (which is in the middle of a parking lot now, since the old Three Rivers Stadium has been long demolished). They erected a monument of Franco Harris making the reception on that spot, and they had a grand unveiling ceremony on the 40th anniversary. It hadn't happened yet when this interview was recorded, and Villapiano was talking about how he had been invited to attend the ceremony....and he said he was going. Villapiano said, "maybe I'll tackle him" (Franco Harris, at the ceremony). The radio hosts (Greg Papa and John Lund) suggested that he have a yellow flag, and throw it, then tackle him. Villapiano really liked that idea, and said he might do it!

Here is the interview with Phil Villapiano. It's very worth your time to listen to it!

Here is an article about the monument

houston raider:
yes the Raiders got away with one with holy roller-it created a Rule change-where you can;t advance the ball the way it happened on that play.
    When the Oilers lost to the Steelers-Mike Renfrow NON call...the officials BLEW that call( 1979 AFC Championship playoff game)-Renfrow had a Td....The Oilers Never came back after that play(in that game)...the NON catch on Mike Renfrow created instant replay.....
     I have taken ALOT of BullS@it from Steelers fans Over the YEARS(really Nasty stuff)-how the Raiders suck etc(i have heard it ALLL).I was Pleased when the Cowboys Knocked off the Steelers last weekend!!!!

Tokai Raider:
i guess the raiders get revenge by repeatedly showing the holy roller play as a great piece of raiders history. they openly cheated on the play, even practicing the play beforehand, and they got away with it. if you're not cheating, then you're not trying hard enough, right?

Tokai Raider:
i remember watching an nfl network show on this a few years ago, and they showed film from an end zone camera. they usually don't show that clip, but the clip clearly showed the ball hitting fuqua in the back of the helmet. the lore about this play just grows and grows ... which makes it more enjoyable. i find the tuck rule play far worse, since they got the right call on the field, they had tons of replays to watch, and they stopped the game for an eternity ... and they still got it wrong!


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