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immaculate reception(deception) 40 years later

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houston raider:

There is the series a football life on the nfl network....the immaculate reception(deception).It happened on dec 23rd 1972.This was the second Raiders game i EVER saw.The first game for me was the "infamous" heidi game.3 Crucial things happened on this play #1 Phil Villapiano was CLIPPED on this play,#2 jack Tatum pushed Frenchy fuqua INTO the ball,#3 the ball touched the ground and Franco Harris trapped it.THe ruling at the time was that 2 offensive players cannot Consecutively touch the ball.The ball was a INCOMPLETE pass....the Steelers fans Stormed the field after Franco scored.One official who was on the upper deck on the 50 yard line was asked by Chuck Noll himself to turn over the film he had on this Controversial play....this has Vanished.The refreee gene atkinson said do we have enough security on the field after Franco scored.Plus the refreee and other officials did NOT see the took them 10-15 minutes to rule if it was a td or not...Me personally i Cannot stand the Stealers,the Rooneys Nor their loud,obnoxious fans...I Know i am Not alone on this sentiment!!!


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