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Autumn Wind Williams:
Hey guys! I just want to say I enjoy your podcast a lot and keep up the good work. I never heard a sports talk radio show like this before, since I did my own community radio show back in the day.(music formatted)
Anyway keep up the great work! I gotta say what's up to you guys next time I stop by the tailgate to take a peek at the scores on the t.v.'s DOPEST tailgate set up ever!

Farwell Amy and thanks for all your contributions to the Oakland Raiders. Props to Raider Greg for putting that air personality on blast. haha! You guys should try to call for a copy of the air check to play it on the next podcast.


--- Quote from: NEBRASKARAIDER on May 11, 2013, 08:57:04 PM ---Raiders CEO Amy Trask informed Mark Davis & The Nation of her decision to resign Saturday:

Thank you for your COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE!!!

--- End quote ---

After Greg and I finished our rookie minicamp videotaping today in Alameda, we were pulling out of the parking lot in front of the building. I saw a woman and man walking from the building to their car. I said to Greg, "isn't that Amy Trask?" Greg said yes, and as we drove past her car as she was about to get in, Greg slowed down and from his convertible yelled, "HI AMY!"....and we both waved as she waved back.

We started heading to go get some lunch, when we heard on the radio just 2 or 3 minutes later, "Raiders CEO Amy Trask resigned this morning..."

We were shocked, and of the weekend radio hosts on 95.7 "The Game" threw in his personal comments about Amy resigning. He basically said something like, "well, what does a CEO for a football team do anyway? How much could they really miss her? What does she do besides sit around in her office..." or something like that.

Greg immediately got pissed and said, "CALL THE STATION!" I said, "really"? He said, "YES...RIGHT NOW! JUST PUNCH IN THE NUMBER AND HAND ME THE PHONE!" So I did. The call screener came on right away. Greg started saying something like, "your guy that on the radio right now just made some very offensive comments about Amy Trask that I take exception to.....she has done so much for the Raiders organization, from staightening out problems with the parking situation, to all the great work she has done with the fans, community outreach, etc, etc..." At that point the call screener interupted Greg and said, "that's good stuff....I'm gonna put you right on." Greg looked over at me and smiled, and said, "they're going to put me on." Within ten seconds Greg was on the air, talking to the guy who had made those comments. He repeated what he had told the screener, but went on and added more things about Amy and how valuable she has been to the Raiders, and how he doesn't appreciate how he belittled her position. At that point they cut off Greg's call. So we turned up the radio, which was on about a 15 second delay....and we heard the last 5 seconds or so of what Greg had said. Then the radio host who had made the comments started saying to his partner, "well......that's not really what I meant..." and then his partner comes back with, "hey, you sound like you're back-peddling now.....Raider Greg had you on the ropes buddy!"


Too bad they don't archive all of the content of their broadcast. If they did I could have re-played Greg's call to them on our next podcast. Unfortunately they only archive interviews and not the whole show.

We are going to miss Amy. Among all the other things she did, she got us onto their media list....and we wouldn't have been at rookie mini-camp today if it hadn't been for her.

Thank you Amy. To us, you will always be, affectionately....."The Princess of Darkness"! (as Greg always called her...and told her so!) She asked him, "is it a good thing?" Greg said, "oh yes! it's a great thing!"

Raiders CEO Amy Trask informed Mark Davis & The Nation of her decision to resign Saturday:

Thank you for your COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE!!!

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