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Donry Fetor:
Anyone watching the Combine?  Any thoughts on the WR's or some of the other 'key' positions needed by the Silver and Black?

A quick comment to Rebuilding. I know we just won game #2 for the and although I am happy about this I don't think we should lose our vision of Excellence. Sparano is doing a decent job and I believe it would be the right thing to do to keep him on the team in some coaching capacity. At least back to where he was prior to the interim job. Olson must go! Even with the win he made some ridiculous play calls in the last minutes of the game. I'm ok with playing it safe but there is such a thing as to safe! Tarver could stay another year... possibly? Reggie would need to go but our last draft class was good and another year since we are kind of stuck with him is more than likely the way to go. NOW... the head coach issue. I would love Gruden back but he will probably cost too much and the cost may be too much for a great coach that may have been out too long. Harbaugh is the man for the job! He has a past relationship with the nation and knows what it means to win games. I think Harbaugh has some issues but we needs wins we needs this team back on the road that Al had paved so long ago. Let's respect Al and Just Win Baby!

Chat transcript with Raiders beat writer Scott Bair - 12/31/13

Woodson and Allen are Raiders keys to 2013 season
Monte Poole, BayAreaNewsGroup

I got a recorded call from my season ticket rep today giving a phone number and PIN I could call tomorrow at 5pm Pacific to get in on this conference call. They also sent out emails.

Here is what people are saying about it on other forums:


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