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Donry Fetor:
So, 4 players drafted on the defensive side, 3 on the offensive side including a guard, a QB and a RB....any of one of these guys seem like a horrible pick?  keeping in mind that we can't really know for sure until they get some playing time in....or if they are cut in a week....

Donry Fetor:
Everything I heard about this guy, is that he is a bit undersized, but makes up for it with his ability and aggression.  Big hitter who can cover a lot of ground.  One thing I remember coming across...either on a radio show or on a website...was this guy is either big plays/hits or penalties....will be interesting I suppose!


--- Quote from: Donry Fetor on April 29, 2016, 01:53:33 AM ---So?  Karl Joseph....the panel seemed to like the this a good one?

--- End quote ---

Hum......I need to do some reading up on this guy and YouTube watching. Looks like a Darren Sproles lookalike from this photo. He's 5 ft. 10 In. and 205 lbs. according to his Wikipedia page.

Donry Fetor:
So?  Karl Joseph....the panel seemed to like the this a good one?


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