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Donry Fetor:
So, 4 players drafted on the defensive side, 3 on the offensive side including a guard, a QB and a RB....any of one of these guys seem like a horrible pick?  keeping in mind that we can't really know for sure until they get some playing time in....or if they are cut in a week....

Donry Fetor:
Everything I heard about this guy, is that he is a bit undersized, but makes up for it with his ability and aggression.  Big hitter who can cover a lot of ground.  One thing I remember coming across...either on a radio show or on a website...was this guy is either big plays/hits or penalties....will be interesting I suppose!


--- Quote from: Donry Fetor on April 29, 2016, 01:53:33 AM ---So?  Karl Joseph....the panel seemed to like the this a good one?

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Hum......I need to do some reading up on this guy and YouTube watching. Looks like a Darren Sproles lookalike from this photo. He's 5 ft. 10 In. and 205 lbs. according to his Wikipedia page.

Donry Fetor:
So?  Karl Joseph....the panel seemed to like the this a good one?

Donry Fetor:
Raiders sitting at the #14 spot...this draft seems pretty deep at the O and D line positions....where should the Raiders be going in their 1st round pick?  The mock draft over at the has them going defence with that pick...4 experts have mocked CB William jackson, OLB William Floyd (picked by two experts) and ILB Reggie Ragland.....I have listened to a couple other drafts, and most seem to on the same page.....any thoughts?


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