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Raider G360:
I'm with you on this, Matty. I was hoping Reggie would grab Watkins, but the more I see of Mack, the more I feel like Reggie made the best choice he could make. Even if Watkins was still available, I'd still be happy with this pick. Let's hope Reggie's mojo holds through the rest of the Draft.

Matty Raider:
Absolute home run with the #5 pick!

I came unglued when Jax took Bortles, knowing we were getting Watkins or Mack.

The more I watch on Mack, the more excited I get.  Him and Sio and our LB tandem for the future.  Love it.


Glad we replaced Houston on the line with Mack....solid defensive player that I hope will have a smooth transition into a successful career in the NFL with the most Feared Silver&Black! GO RAIDERS!!!

Ps...Thank you Randy & Greg for the shows!!! Keep On Keepin on!!!

NJ Raider Kev:
I agree. We should take Sammy Watkins at #5.  Dont trade down. Reggie has a hard time with draft picks. I say go for the best available at the fifth pick.

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Raider G360:

--- Quote from: houston raider on May 02, 2014, 11:21:02 AM ---The Oakland Raiders need to Draft Wide receiver Sammy Watkins (from Clemson) with the number 5 pick. Don't make a trade with the 49ers so they can get the number 5 pick!!!I can't state this ENOUGH!!! Sammy Watkins will be the NEXT Tim Brown...Lets Do IT!! Don't trade the #5 pick away!!

--- End quote ---

A long time ago in a Draft far, far away we passed up Calvin Johnson for JaMarcus Russell. We can't make that same mistake again. I agree. Sammy Watkins is the one to get. We have our QB, but he needs a star receiver to throw to. I feel like Watkins is that guy.


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