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Another Porter:
I'd be more than happy with Leonard Williams and the guy WANTS to be a Raider.

I'm hoping for Amari Cooper though.

Donry Fetor:
Ok, 2015 Draft is in a few hours....well...more than a few...1:00 am here....Friday morning...I just got home from work (live in the Eastern Time Zone) and listened to the latest podcast.....great job...I'm on board with Raider Greg when it comes to drafting positions rather than specific players today.  I like the idea of a big ol' D-lineman in the first round....I cannot remember the name of that TE he was mentioning, but I think if available it is a good strategy in the 2nd...with an O-Lineman in the 3rd.....if the TE is gone, then we look at a couple of the WR's available...if the few we like are gone, then go line...either side of the ball with 2nd...

Donry Fetor:
Well, I'm thinking there are some pretty decent WR's the Raiders go that route in the draft or try to pick someone off in free agency?  Draft defence maybe?

Raider G360:
I'm with you on this, Matty. I was hoping Reggie would grab Watkins, but the more I see of Mack, the more I feel like Reggie made the best choice he could make. Even if Watkins was still available, I'd still be happy with this pick. Let's hope Reggie's mojo holds through the rest of the Draft.

Matty Raider:
Absolute home run with the #5 pick!

I came unglued when Jax took Bortles, knowing we were getting Watkins or Mack.

The more I watch on Mack, the more excited I get.  Him and Sio and our LB tandem for the future.  Love it.



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