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Matty Raider:
So we sit at the #5 pick....I think we can all agree we need to draft someone at that spot who is a playmaker and can step in immediately.  If either Clowney, Watkins or Mack is there - grab him.  If not, I am not opposed to trading back.  Love to grab Aaron Donald, DT/Pitt or Mike Evans WR/Texas A&M and recoup another 2nd Rounder.

TP wants out - perhaps we could get back our 5th (wasted on Flynn) or 6th back from the Schaub trade.

I am not opposed to making a run at DeSean Jackson either if the price is right.  Sure he's a diva but so are most WRs in the NFL.  At least he doesn't piss hot on drug tests and/or get arrested.

Autumn Wind Williams:

now QB Tyler Wilson, CB D.J. Hayden and OT Menelik Watson are our draft picks still waiting to be signed or released.

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Ian Rapoport,

Paul Gutierrez' Post-Draft online chat with the Raider Nation (Transcript)
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New QB Wilson looking to 'compete tail off'
Paul Gutierrez, Comcast SportsNet


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