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Raiders draft outlook: Safeties
Paul Gutierrez, Comcast SportsNet

Joey Clinkscales: “Can always get a RB in later rounds”
Vic Tafur, SF Chronicle

Raiders draft outlook: Cornerbacks
Comcast SportsNet

Revolutionary Raider:

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--- Quote from: Randy on April 07, 2013, 04:22:44 PM ---Raiders a lesson in draft mismanagement

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Tough reading but I can't help but wonder if it would have made any difference who we drafted (when we hadn't thrown our picks away). Gallery, Huff, McClain and yes, even Fatass himself, were all regarded as good picks at the time by the majority of "experts". Was it rank bad luck none of them panned out or was it the organisation itself? Were they all doomed the minute they were dropped into the Raider environment with the pressure and $ of a 1st round pick?

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I feel it's a mixture of all of the above. Realistically, the odds of use having that much bad luck with top tier picks are very slim. Organization, the never ending bad coaching, too much money, too much pressure to produce for a horrible team... All factors. Analyzing JaCarcass' cerebral substance before drafting him seems to have been neglected as well. Or maybe the experts liked setting Al to take the bad pick? I always wondered if that's why Al took Russell? Merely theory I know. I was hoping for Troy Smith that year honestly.

Raiders draft outlook: specialists
Paul Gutierrez, Comcast SportsNet


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