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Week 11: Raiders @ Texans - Sunday 11/17/13 - 10am Pacific

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houston raider:
Raiders up by 5-the Texans driving for the game winning touchdown-same Exact scenario!When the Texans last play fell apart in the endzone-Keith commented how the Whole Raider bench was jumping up and down like they Won the Super Bowl.We were Jumping up and down as well-Keith Myself, Randy and Lisa!!!We ran down to the lower deck and were Celebrating and Yelling raiders with the fans there..what a elixir!!
Keith and I commented that because of All the Hard work that Greg and Randy put into the podcasts and because of the podcast we All have been able to meet-we are TRULY Family in Every sense of the word-Great Raider fans for Life!!Keith mentioned he is never alone on His Raider travels-he always meets Raider Nation.You see some wearing Our colors and you start talking.
Personally I look forward ALL year to seeing you All at a Raiders game.i know I am not alone in mentioning this.IT's pretty Amazing!!!

houston raider:
It was Great seeing Crusader Raider(Keith), Randy and his Lovely wife Lisa,the black widow,Raider Ron,Gorilla rilla and His Lovely wife Marilyn,Gary(Sidewinder),and All the Other Great Raider fans at the Texans/Raiders game(Alamo city Raiders,Defenders of the silver and Black,Hardcore Texas Raiders,Lone Star Raiders,our New Memphis Raiders chapter,Raider fans from New Jersey etc).We All met up at the pirate themed Sam's Boat On Saturday night-quite the turnout!!It was Also Great seeing Super Raider fans Alise and Yvonne!!
WE arrived early for the tailgate and set up in the Blue Lot(South stadium lot).I felt like a kid at Christmas during this Raider weekend(like always).We had so many laughs and the photo ops were plenty.The pre-game tailgate was a BLAST!!
    Keith commented how Nice Texans were in general and How The Texans fans were the most warm and hospitable hosts(the Best).Walking around the stadium with Keith was really cool.You felt like you were walking with ELVIS!!!It was Amazing and Fun to watch-so many laughs, so many pictures/photo ops.Keith is a Great ambassador for the Raiders!!We All are Raider ambassadors-I told that to Amy Trask in a email-she agreed!!).The game was exciting and a nail biter at the End but the Raiders prevailed.I personally was Very GLAD the Texans won-Keith traveled so Far to see this WIN!!!I personally have taken so much Crap for Being a Raiders fan and have heard a TOn of Smack belittling OUR team here in Houston(some media types and Texans fans).The last time the Raiders played here(2011)the day after Al died...I was sitting in the upper deck and saw Michael Huff intercept the ball in the end zone-we only had 10 players on the field that play.The Texans last gasp this day was in the south end zone-Texans Matt Schaub at the helm,Raiders up by 5

Essex Raider:
Ugly, Ugly win.  Doesn't boost confidence for next week against the Titans but 'Oldin' McGroin looked alright and at least the ball was thrown a bit, even if the receivers can't catch it.  Still trying to force that run up the middle though.

Matty Raider:

--- Quote from: Pennsylvania Raider on November 17, 2013, 04:59:07 PM ---McGloin 3TDS and the win!!!! Hometown Scranton Boy!!!! Terrell who????

--- End quote ---

LOVE THE WIN.  "McMoxie" gets it done and he looked great.

Here's a cool video I found about about Matt....seems like a great kid and has the heart of a lion.

Pennsylvania Raider:
McGloin 3TDS and the win!!!! Hometown Scranton Boy!!!! Terrell who????


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