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Raiders greatest games on DVD


Anybody have any other favorite games that they would like to see on DVD??? Limit them to three choices please!!

I came up with a secondary 3-game DVD of the Super Bowl box set.  I am biased because of my research of the 1993 Raiders but here is my three-pick.

Game 1: 1993 Season Finale between the Broncos and the Raiders.  The game took place in Los Angeles and both teams were 9-6.  The Raiders had to win to make the playoffs and had a huge comeback in the second half and won the game in overtime.  A great back and forth game which was won by Los Angeles 33-30.  Shannon Sharpe burned us for 155 yards and two touchdowns on six receptions.  Tim Brown returned the favor with 11 receptions for 173 yards and two touchdowns.  Both Elway and Hostetler threw for over 300 yards with Hostetler firing the game tying touchdown on the final play in regulation.

November 24, 1985: I am biased to this one but it was the game that "made" me a Raiders fan.  it was the day of my 9th birthday and my dad let me stay up and watch it.  Outside of Super Bowl 18 it was Marcus Allen's greatest game as a Raider and I'll never forget his 173 yard rushing performance and a spectatular touchdown run which burned the hell out of Denver linebacker Tom Jackson.  Raiders won a close one in Denver 31-28.

Game 3: 2002 Patriots at the Raiders.  This was that great monday night game betweent the world champion Pats and Oakland.  The Raiders won and got revenge for the "New England Snow Job". Raiders won 27-20, Gannon threw for 297 yards and Tim Brown, Jerry Rice and Charlie Garner combined for 17 receptions and the Raiders defense stuffed the Patriots offense.  The two New England touchdowns came off a defensive return and a special teams return.

What three games would you choose for a "fan-based" box set.

For those interested and I know that everyone shouldl be.  I just purchased the Raiders Greatest Games DVD set.  It has all 3 Super Bowl wins.  It kinda stinks because there are other great Raider games that I'd perfer to see BUT obviously it doesn't get any bigger than the Super Bowl.  I recommend this to everyone.  Get to your local DVD store or amazon and get a copy!! Its awesome.

P.S. Denver also put out their three greatest games and one of them is the 1977 AFC Championship Game.  Obviously a painful game for Raider fans but I think it might be worth watching.  Oakland came out flat before cutting denvers lead down with two touchdown passes to Dave Casper.  It also has Rob Lyles fumble and that WAS A FUMBLE!


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