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Know any good jokes?

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Raider Greg:
The JOKE "IS" JRUSS.................Wait for the punchline......When he takes his first snap in 2010 The Raiders trying to make chicken salid from "A" Chicken Shit is the real JOKE!

Raidernightmare that is fuckn priceless!! Hahahaha that sounds like a bomb ass drink tho!!  ::) ;D

I have a real good joke,  wait a minute I feel something coming on,  I need to go take a JAMARCUS and wipe my RUSSELL and then I'll tell you the joke. :D :D :D

A man walks into a bar he asks the bartender if he can make him a JaMarcus Russell?

BARTENDER: What's a JaMarcus Russell?

THE MAN: Its an expensive glass of cheap liquor on ice (his diamonds) that when you drink it, it will make you dumb, clueless, get knocked down easily, make you look like a king, and a wanna be superstar athlete at the bar.....and at the end of the night you will never blame your actions on the alcohol!....

BARTENDER: Coming right up...sir!

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