Author Topic: Why does media always say, "Raiders....worst record over last 6 seasons?"  (Read 1012 times)

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Thats what i meant but you worded it so much better.  It will continue this year but I think we got a shot for 7-9.   Not great but it would be nice!

The only reason they got a hard on for the Raiders regarding our 6 year losing streak is cause it's a record NO NFL team has lost 11 games or more in 6 straight seasons...that's very bad especially for the Raiders that's why those clowns mock us cause of that!.


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I am not stickin up for the media but if u use the 6 year idea, the Raiders are the worst and they are two games behind detroit!  Also, Detroit has beaten them twice.  Once in 2007 and once in 2003.  Again, I am not defending those bastards but the media will do anything to make the Raiders look like crap.


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Convenient that, eh? Some might say a conspiracy was afoot.............

Or maybe it's just because we were consistently good before those six years that it makes a better story. All those years the Raider haters had to put up with getting pummelled, this is their chance to have a laugh at our expense. Certainly makes better print than dissing the perenially hopeless Detroit (save Barry Sanders and prehistoric times) Lions or the equally pointless Bungles. Why does nobody hate the Lions or Bungles? Because they've never done shit!

We'll take the hits now 'cos it will make it all the sweeter when we're back.

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Why does the media always point to the statistic that "The Raiders have a league-low 24 victories over the past six seasons"?

What is so significant about the past SIX seasons? Why is "Six Seasons" always the benchmark?

Why 6 seasons?

Why not 7 seasons?
Answer: Raiders 35 wins, Lions 29 wins (Lions worst team over last 7 seasons)

Why not 8 seasons?
Answer: Raiders 45 wins, Lions 31 wins (Lions worst team over last 8 seasons)

Why not 9 seasons?
Answer: Raiders 57 wins, Lions 40 wins (Lions worst team over last 9 seasons)

Why not 4 seasons?
Answer: Raiders 15 wins, Lions 15 wins (tied for worst over last 4 seasons)

Why not 3 seasons?
Answer: Raiders 11 wins, Lions 10 wins (Lions worst team over last 3 seasons)

Why not 2 seasons?
Answer:  Rams 5 wins, Chiefs 6 wins, Lions 7 wins, Raiders 9 wins (Rams worst team over last 2 seasons, Raiders 4th worst)

Why not 1 season?
Answer: Lions 0 wins, Rams 2 wins, Chiefs 2 wins, Seahawks 4 wins, Browns 4 wins, Bengals 4 wins, Raiders 5 wins (Lions worst team, Raiders 7th worst)

The media strategically chooses 6 years as their target time frame in order to paint the Raiders as the league's worst team...over and over again.

The Lions have been the worst team for the majority of seasons over the last 9 years. Why are the Raiders always portrayed as League worst?

Here's a stat that's never mentioned:  Even WITH the lack of many wins in the last 6 seasons, The Raiders STILL have the 3rd highest won/loss record in the history of the NFL from 1960 to present. Have you EVER seen an article that mentioned that stat?
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