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Darren McFadden's take on their WIN :

adam the rookie: now has excellent video coverage on all the games now!

scroll down on the page for more vids!

A couple of interesting videos on you tube...
Rich Gannon : This IS what we NEED .
Tim Brown :
Ken Stabler :
Howie Long :


--- Quote from: Randy on September 07, 2009, 10:09:43 AM ---Do you remember Cal beating Stanford in 1982 on "The Play"....with all the laterals? Well, no band members got knocked down in the play on this video...but it sure has a lot more laterals!

Here are two links to  "The Play" in '82. John Elway's last game in college....his trip to a bowl game cancelled by this play. Punked!

Just the lateral play:

The last 3 minutes of the game, including the lateral play:

--- End quote ---

What about Cal this year Randy? They looked pretty damn good against Maryland. Think they can take USC?

The latest episode of BEHIND THE SHIELD ONLINE has Coach cable talking about the Raiders new 53 man roster....
and the acquisition of Richard Seymour, and how the trade came about.

Look for the video entitled: correspondent Jeanette Thompson reports from Alameda. It has a thumbnail photo of Coach Cable next to it.


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