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Best pitcher in the American league...... HUGE RAIDER FAN................CC SABATHIA.............and for those who are gonna say Verlander from Detroit.......YOU CAN LICK MY BALLS!...............IT STARTS AND STOPS WITH THE YANKEES..........PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Just got done listening to the Rich Eisen podcast (NFL NETWORK)

He had former MTV host Carson Daly and they chatted raiders for a couple of minutes.

Also speaking of podcasts... The Bill Simmons BS Report a couple of weeks back had Bass Guitarist for the Chili Peppers (FLEA) .. he said he use to be a big raiders fan (but must've turned off them when they moved back to the O)

Don't forget santana and anthony kiedis.. Oh and snoop dogg ain't no fan; used to be but hopped on the steelers wagon after they went to their last superbowl

This guy is a major douche... but still worth mentioning.

I grabbed this image from his twitter account.

Ladies and Gentlement please welcome to the Raider Nation, Sacramento's very own "Prima Donna"

DeMarcus Cousins !!!!


--- Quote from: Virginia Raider on July 17, 2010, 12:07:50 PM ---Tom Hanks is a Raiders fan.

Also, the most famous of them all (IMO  :D :D :D) Raider Greg!

--- End quote ---
Tom Hanks is a great actor.   He has great taste!


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