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Just got done listening to the Rich Eisen podcast (NFL NETWORK)

He had former MTV host Carson Daly and they chatted raiders for a couple of minutes.

Also speaking of podcasts... The Bill Simmons BS Report a couple of weeks back had Bass Guitarist for the Chili Peppers (FLEA) .. he said he use to be a big raiders fan (but must've turned off them when they moved back to the O)

Don't forget santana and anthony kiedis.. Oh and snoop dogg ain't no fan; used to be but hopped on the steelers wagon after they went to their last superbowl

This guy is a major douche... but still worth mentioning.

I grabbed this image from his twitter account.

Ladies and Gentlement please welcome to the Raider Nation, Sacramento's very own "Prima Donna"

DeMarcus Cousins !!!!

Virginia Raider:
Tom Hanks is a Raiders fan.

Also, the most famous of them all (IMO  :D :D :D) Raider Greg!


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--- Quote from: TartanRaider on May 10, 2010, 11:43:49 PM ---Here is proof, that we are the most beautiful fans in sport! BOOM

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that is fantastic!  looks superimposed but I dont care!

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I done a little checking into it Raiderboy and it would appear she is most defo a follower of the Silver and Black!  I would like her as our new GM...


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