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Obscure not-real-person Raider supporting "celebrity" is Rick, lead character in top on-going comic series The Walking Dead!!

Crusader Raider:
The 'Crusader Raider' London, England

Raider Rodney:
I mentioned during the FF Draft about playing golf a couple weeks ago with former TE of the Jags, Jets, Patriots Kyle Brady.  We talked quite a bit about the Raiders...since he was always a big Raiders fan growing up.

Other fans I can think of would be Jaime Foxx, Paula Abdul, Jessica Alba, Ice-T, Larry King, Snoop Dog and LL Cool J.

Apologies if this threads been done,

But i would like to hear from the Raider Nation of self confessed celebrities who are fans of the Oakland Raiders?

Ice Cube, Tiiger Woods & Ringo Starr are all names i've either seen in attendance at games on tvs or seen fotage of them opening admitting they're raiders fans.

If anyones up for doing a Raider Nation Celebrity fans list rollcall then please feel free to add  :o


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