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Oakland Tailgate Photos

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This is the photo I used to create the little picture of Raider Greg that I use on every podcast show banner, with his finger pointing up.

Some still clips from the Rams at Raiders home opener video. I was editing the video tonight, and captured these stills from the video.
I'll finish off the video tomorrow and get it posted on YouTube.

"Diehard Essex Raider" from the UK

Jeff, Greg, and Thomas Coke (from the Smoky Mountain Raider Boosters, Tennessee)

Raider Dan from Tracy

Raider Jim from Erie, PA

Jim's wife Theresa

Juan Jorge, Colorado Chris, Raider Greg

Raider Stutters (Juan's cousin)

Raider Jerry

woah raider wilde watch your hand there patna  :o ;D

Crusader Raider:
Happy days in Oaktown, the Raiders must stay in the Bay area, no way LA !!

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MC Hammer Gripe!!!

Busting out the tailgator cause Alligatorsss eat the polls.

Alligators eating umbrellas or chewing on a Tittie

Yeah chilling with the ladies... Raiders love the tailgators.

This is the avatar a made for a punk azz BUCS Fan who gotta wear it all the way to the superbowl. YEAH what a way to end 2008 on a high... that was a good year!


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