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Bo Jackson ...... What an athlete !

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Bo Jackson best RB ever! He would be hit and  keep running and give hits, come straight a you.  Growing up I would copy his style of play, wanted to be just like him playing on the football field! My hero, man! Remarkable one of a kind. 8)

Best fucking running back ever!  If only he would have put down that damn bat and glove and played football full time.  That son of a bitch would have owned every record in the book if he would have just run out of bounds instead of trying to get those extra yards against the bengals.   I own two throwback jerseys, one for me and and one for my wife.  I also have an autographed authentic helmet from TRi-star.  Best 300$ I ever spent.   I would encourage everyone to purchase a Mcfarlane Football figurine of him.  It kicks ass.

Much as I loved the Seahawks game, it was flattening Steve Atwater, who was no mean tackler, that sticks in my mind.

Bo was the very definition of awesome. The power of Brandon Jacobs with the speed of Sproles.

Raider Rodney:

--- Quote from: NEBRASKARAIDER on October 22, 2009, 08:20:52 AM ---ONLY THROWBACK I HAVE .......... HERE'S WHY ......

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Oh man that video almost brings a tear to the eye.  Three things you can say about Bo:  Bo didn't get hit...he hit his man, he didn't run out of bounds, and he didn't get caught from behind :)



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