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Howdy!  My friend and I are coming down to the game on Sunday against the steelers.  We're making the trip from Alberta, Canada and would love to come tailgate with you all before the game!  We've been long time Raider fans and this will be our first time to a game and we're both pumped to watch the Raiders beat up on ben and the others.

Raider Dee:
Just booked flights for Baltimore  ;D

excitement level 8.75/10 at this point


Crusader Raider:
I will be at the home game v Tampa Bay when I look forward to tailgating with the Raidernation, also will be going on road trips to Baltimore and San Diego regards Keith Smith the "Crusader Raider' London, England, Go Raidrs !

Randy, thanks for the great info, hope to be there.


--- Quote from: TonyT on June 07, 2012, 02:30:30 AM ---I'm from Imperial valley, CA. and  just purchased some tickets for opening monday game, Any Planned get togethers at raiderville that day or opening game Eve?

--- End quote ---
We don't go to "Raiderville", which is a big area in the parking lot with big screen TVs, concessions where you can buy food and drinks, DJs from local sports talk on stage, etc. We tailgate with the Bad Boyz of BBQ (the best place to tailgate)..... where we record our Raider Nation Videocast usually. Lots of Raiders "Superfans" come by. Former Raiders too.  Details of location, etc. on the other thread of the tailgate section of our forum. Here's a link:


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