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NJ Raider Kev:
What time is best to show up for the tailgate? 

Go Raiders!

After all that....posting the info to make sure you guys watched our tailgating buddies on Tailgate Warriors....I FORGOT TO WATCH! I was so busy working on the podcast, I worked right through the time it was aired. All I had to do was set my DVR, but did I do it? NO!

Anyway, I just noticed this article that the Raiders just posted on about the show. It has times that it will be re-aired (Oct. 29th and 30th), so if you screwed up like I get a 2nd chance to see it! It looks like it airs at the same time regardless what time zone you're in, if I'm reading the article correctly. Check your local programming guide for the dates above to see the time in your area. Click the article link below:

If you're coming to a game and want to drop by the tailgate, you can let us know here....and/or send us an email. You don't have to sign up or anything. You can just show up. But if we know you're coming in advance, we can make plans to meet up.

There is a map in the other folder, showing where we tailgate, but if you want to make sure you don't get lost trying to find us...we can exchange cellphone numbers prior to the game. Send an email if you want to do that.


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