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Raider Argo:
Hey Nation,

After many years watching my Raiders from my original home in Scotland then in many locations in the world (I work offshore) and recently a few years from my sofa in Austria (where i now live)....IT IS TIME!!!

I will be attending the opening game of the Season versus the Bungals!!  plus i will also be again in Oakland for the Packers and Chargers game at Christmas time (managed to sneak that one into the honeymoon plans).

So i just wanting to touch base with the nation out there in Oakland and let you know that i would love to come tailgate with you guys and finally meet you all.  I will also be calling the boneline with this great news, so hopefully you will all know my voice soon too. lol.  Scottish accent, but i will try and speak clearly..

Really looking forward to the coming season.  time to Rise up!!!

Raider Argo....OUT!

Raider Dee:
A quick heads up on some events for any Raider Fans travelling over to the UK for the Week 4 Game @ Wembley.

The Silver & Black UK Pregame Party
Friday 26th September from 6pm-3am
now moved to The Pipeline Bar, 94 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7DA

Saturday 27th September - NFL Fan Rally

NFL on Regent Street will run from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will include:
On-stage appearances and interviews with Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders star players and head coaches
On-stage interviews with NFL legends, including Hall of Famers (Marcus Allen)
Performances by the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders, The Raiderettes
Live music and entertainment
The debut of NFL Lab, allowing visitors to measure themselves at certain NFL skills
Interactive NFL elements - e.g. field goal kicking, quarterback challenge
Mini football field featuring NFL Play60 participation events, competitions etc
Stations along entire length of the event featuring all six of the teams playing in London this year
NFL memorabilia and history, including a display of Oakland Raiders Super Bowl trophies
NFL merchandise
Food and drink

The Silver & Black UK Gameday Brunch
Sunday 28th September from 10am
This event will now be at the Sports Bar & Grill, 19-25 Cowcross Street, Farringdon, EC1M 5DQ.

The Silver & Black UK Afterparty
Sunday 28th September from 7pm
The City Sports Bar, 23 City Road, London EC1Y AE

Crusader Raider:
The Crusader Raider will be at the London Wembley game v the dolphins, the home game v Denver and the road trip to San Diego, looking forward to hooking up with the Raider Nation at these games !

Randy and Greg   I will be in Oakland this weekend for the game   be great to see you guys at the tailgate


--- Quote from: Randy on August 30, 2013, 01:04:46 AM ---
--- Quote from: UsamaYoMama on August 29, 2013, 05:20:12 PM ---I'm driving up from LA with my gf for the Redskins game on the 29th. I was wondering how we go about joining the tailgate party and what we need to do/bring???

--- End quote ---

You don't need to reserve in advance, just show up. We try to get to the tailgate party between 9-9:30. Kingsford Kirk and the Bad Boyz of BBQ put on a great spread of food. It's $25 for all-you-can-eat. Soft drinks and water are included. Alcohol isn't included, for liability reasons,so we bring our own beer and I'd suggest you do the same if you want beer. It's fine to drink there if you bring your own.

If you are planning to park your car inside the lot, you'll need to get in line pretty early. People start lining up by 7am or earlier. You might want to consider parking outside the lot, on the Hegenberger side. There is a gate in the fence on that side that's close to the tailgate party. We are right by the ramp that drops down from the elevated section of Hegenberger. There is a new BART extension being constructed that runs to the airport. Look for that (looks like an amusement park rollercoaster track) and there is a small BART station being constructed right there by where we tailgate. We are right next to that.

Actually....all this info is on another page in this section of the forum. Maybe you already saw it, but here is a link to that page, which includes a map, in case you didn't run across it.

--- End quote ---

Thanks a lot! We'll be there. GO RAIDERS!


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