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Well....I've gotten a little behind again on these birthday shout-outs. The last one I did was May 5th "Ghost2Post" and "MD Raider" Raider Nation Podcast's 7th birthday on May 20th!

So let's catch up on all the forum member birthdays since then (at least all the birthdays that have been entered into your profiles and show up on our forum calendar).
Happy Birthday to:


craigjuneau839 - 31 years old on May 17

Alfred_420 - 22 years old on May 27

LowCountry Raider - 41 years old on May 29


Raidersully - 35 years old on June 2

ams2fx - 34 years old on June 4

TNBlueRaider - 25 years old on June 19


NCRaiderRay - 36 years old on July 2

raidertaylor - 39 years old on July 6

Colorado Chris - 43 years old on July 8 (Damn're only 43? I'm jealous. I want to be 43 again!)

505 Raider - 32 years old on July 9

skimpy14 - 32 years old on July 10

RaiderWildeStyle - 29 years old on July 19 (OK I'm REALLY jealous!)

Raider Joel - 45 years old on July 15

watford raider - 40 years old on July 22


ABQ Raider - 51 years old on August 2

Crusader Raider - 49 years old on August 5

Raider Brent - 37 years old on August 6

Essex Raider - 41 years old on August 7

Wu-Tang Hokie Raider - 26 years old on August 15

Houston Raider - 52 years old on August 15

HELLRAIDER - 35 years old on August 16

The Legend Killer - 35 years old on August 25

Raider Hoop Boy - 43 years old on August 29


Babbacombe Raider - 47 years old on September 5

Matty Raider - 36 years old on September 6

Raider raul 34 - 34 years old on September 7

Raider Col - 39 years old on September 8

Virginia Raider - 22 years old on September 18

Raider Nik - 49 years old on September 20

RaiderJim75 - 46 years old on September 23

SROTBFM - 41 years old on September 26

NJ Raider Kev - 51 years old on September 28


Jaydog - 37 years old on October 3

limeyfred - 25 years old on October 24

Raider trav - 31 years old on October 29

airforce raider - ? years old on October 31 (Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!)


raider kyle - 16 years old on November 7

Hellbilly - 29 years old on November 10

RaiderRay - 26 years old on November 15

MadRaiders#32 - 36 years old on November 24

Raider Special Ed - 51 years old on November 25

Revolutionary Raider - 28 years old on November 28

DBLX - 50 years old on November 30


Sorry....slipping up on my birthday shout outs again. To catch up, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to...

March 27:

DarkShadow, from Amarillo Texas....our latest RNP "Hall of Famer". Thanks for becoming a monthly $5 contributor to the show! DarkShadow is a proud member of the Texas Hardcore Raiders / Chapter 806. He has 5 posts on the forum, dating back to when he joined in September of 2010.;area=showposts;u=406

Happy 49thDarkShadow, and thanks again for the contribution!

Also on March 27th...happy 26th to aburgraider, Colorado Springs, Colorado. His personal text on the forum says, "Silver and Black Army Attack". Happy 26th!

April 16th:

Happy 38th to "Englishraider" Les Wilke, another RNP "Hall of Famer"....and one of our traveling companions, and Raider Greg's roommate actually (since my wife Lisa was rooming with me!) at last year's San Diego road trip. Here's the forum post Les made when he got on that road trip list:

See Les tailgating with us 38 seconds into the video from that game.

Happy 38th Les!

Last but not least, we have TWO "Cinco de Mayo" birthday boys to give shout outs to...

May 5th:

Happy 48th to "ghost2post" of San Antonio Texas, a long-time forum member and RNP listener. Haven't heard from you in quite a while, are you still out there ghost2post? Hope so. Happy 48th!

Speaking of birthdays, Raider Nation Podcast will be having it's 7th birthday on May 20th! Boy, I'd better get working on an anniversary podcast!

I'm falling down on my birthday shout-out duties again. I need to remember to check the birthdays in the morning when I put up the daily news links. catch up.....

Happy Birthday to:

48 years old today (I'm jealous)....March 14th

Dave has been coming over from the UK with Keith Smith (The Crusader Raider) and meeting up with us....every year now since 2005....our first year doing the podcast. Here are a few photos from that first meeting on October 23, 2005 at the Bills game (a Raiders win!).

and happy birthday to a few others I missed over the last week or so:

TonyT from Imperial Valley, California
Happy 58th on March 7th!

McKiss55 from Elk Grove, California
Happy 40th on March 8th!

Pirate Silver and Black from Shoeburyness, United Kingdom
Happy 46th on March 10th!

and this Saturday is St. Patricks don't forget to celebrate that! (carefully)

Raider Greg:

--- Quote from: Raider Greg on March 03, 2012, 11:06:29 AM ---
--- Quote from: Randy on March 03, 2012, 10:43:04 AM ---
--- Quote from: diehardessexraider on March 03, 2012, 03:45:05 AM ---Big Happy Birthday shout out to Randy, have a great day and thanks for every thing you do...

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the Birthday shout out. Can't believe I'm 59 today.......boy.......doesn't seem TOO bad as long as there's still a 5 in the first slot. But next year. 60? Crap. Well, on the positive side, I guess I'll start getting "silver saver" discounts, cheaper movie admission....and all that stuff.  :-*

Monday is Raider Greg's 55th, so get ready for a BIG shout out for him.
(He can't drive 55)   ;)

--- End quote ---
Happy Birthday to You as well............ Im "55"..........Looking forward to starting another season with friends and family..... I believe its all good as long as you can still plant your feet on the floor in the morning.....Oh and I will take all the discounts too....... ;D.....Amen!

--- End quote ---
Many thanks to all of my Bruthas here at RNP for all the support..... I am Blessed to have such a great Raider family and I am proud to do this show for each and every one of you.....  I am humbled.......

houston raider:
A belated Texas Sized happy birthday greeting to Randy and a texas sized birthday salute to Raider Greg!!!I wish i could send you both Raider themed birthday cakes!!!I know what you mean about AARP discount-i use this discount whenever/wherever i can...Good luck with your recovery greg!! Ya'll are da know after 50 we sometimes eat/drink more than we should.....i'm guilty of that!!:O)It takes longer to get that weight sometimes a mallo walker now-Motivation is the Key!!:O)I shoot hoops with my lil nephew-he runs circles around me!!:O)


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