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from Raul Oliveros (aka RaiderRaul)

Hello Raider Nation, my name is Raul, not Paul like Raider Greg said in the Podcast, Oliveros I'm a 33 year old Mail Carrier From Los Angeles California. Raider fan since I was a Baby boy. Followed the Raiders Allways, was a bit upset when they left to return to Oakland but still continue to root for them. Win, loose, or tie Raiders till I die. Was a Season ticket holder for the 2006 season, had the time of my life that season. The tailgate experience in Oakland is like to other. I have been to San Francisco for a Niners game, representing the Nation of course, and that Tailgate was more like being in a deserted park. I got so much Sh*t for representing the Raiders but those Pu$$ys didn't have it in them to do anything about it. Don't get me wrong in not one of those violent fans but when some one threatens you to take off your jersey or its your ass, well bring your lunch then partner cause your going to need it. Im also a Marine, served this country for 8 years 5 in Camp Pendelton and 3 in Hawaii. Once a Marine, Allways a Marine. So Raider Nation who cares if they Black us out this weekend. I'm only watching one game at 1:00 pm and that game is Raiders Texans, screw the patsies and those colts. every one else can watch it, I won't.
                                              Stay Silver and Black Forever Raider Nation!!!

from MadRaiders#32

My name is Mike and I love in Toledo, Ohio.  I am orginally from the Niagara Falls/Buffalo New York area and I hate the Buffalo Bills.

I was at a Raiders game in October 2003 in Cleveland, Ohio.  I sat in the Dog Pound and let me tell you it was interesting.

I have been a Raiders fan since 1985.  It all began because of Marcus Allen.  I watched Raider games with my dad and I just thought "this guy is awesome."  It just went on from there.

from Les Wilkie (EnglishRaider)

Hi. I'm Les Wilkie (English Raider). Been a Raiders fan for bout 15 years. I live in England and in 2005 I came over to watch the Raiders vs the Dolphins. Sat in the Black Hole. We lost but it was awesome, and in 2006 watched the Raiders vs the Texans. Lost again. Sat in the Raiders club section. My fav player is Kirk Morrison, and all time Howie Long (from what I have seen on DVDs). Am a hall of fame member of the Raider Nation Podcast. Greg and Randy, I can not thank you enough for what u do, u guys are my link to the Raiders and when I listen to u on my iPod I could just be talking to you in a bar after a game !!!!!!!!!!!

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from Andre in Wuppertal, Germany (username R8R77)

my name is Andre and I live in Wuppertal, Germany. I work for a screen printing company where we produce speedometer charts.
I´m a Raiders Fan for around twenty years when former Running Back Bo Jackson played for them. He was a professional in two different kinds of sport. That impressed me a lot. At that time I was ten years old. And which little kid doesn´t like pirates??? Furthermore I like teams, not everybody likes. When I heard that the Raiders were the "Badboys"  of the NFL like the Pistons in the NBA, it was a perfect fit for me  ;D
Here in Germany it is not very easy to join live games. OK, we had the NFL Europe once and I was a Season Ticket holder of the Duesseldorf Rhein Fire, but this League is closed now  :(
I have a pay TV contract with one european US Sport Channel (NASN) but they don´t show Raider games very often. Only successful teams  ;)
The other chance for me is via internet live stream. So I´m sitting every Sunday evening (local time is 7 or 10 pm) in front of my notebook and watch the Raiders. But that is not the same like television or live game atmosphere.
So I have to travel to US to see the Raiders there. Mostly on the road at the East Coast. Because of the cheaper flights. I saw them already in Miami, Carolina and Tennessee. All games were wins  :)
This year it was the first time for me and my wife to see them twice in California. In San Diego and one week later in Oakland, FINALLY ;D ;D ;D
Shit, this time both games were losses. No problem. Win, lose or tie, Raiders til I die. And I met a lot of Raider Fans in person. That means much more to me than this fxxxin´ games. More Home games will follow  ;)
That´s so far! I hope that my english is good enough for this forum.

Greetings from Germany, Andre

from Raider Rodney

I'll go next I guess :P  My name is Rodney and I live across country in Western North Carolina.  I am a Process Development Technician at a local plant.

I have been a Raider fan as long as I can remember really.  I have suffered through the painful years and have smiled wide during the glory days.  I am the biggest Raider fan I know of around here, but there are several around.  The Raider Nation knows no boundaries  ;)

I have only gotten to see my team live once and that was a few years back down in Atlanta.  Was amazing, was the game Kaufman had over 200yds rushing and George made the victory lap around the Dome  ;D  I plan on trying to get out to tailgate and visit the Black Hole soon....probably not this year though unless I hit the Powerball  :P


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