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from Raider Rodney

I'll go next I guess :P  My name is Rodney and I live across country in Western North Carolina.  I am a Process Development Technician at a local plant.

I have been a Raider fan as long as I can remember really.  I have suffered through the painful years and have smiled wide during the glory days.  I am the biggest Raider fan I know of around here, but there are several around.  The Raider Nation knows no boundaries  ;)

I have only gotten to see my team live once and that was a few years back down in Atlanta.  Was amazing, was the game Kaufman had over 200yds rushing and George made the victory lap around the Dome  ;D  I plan on trying to get out to tailgate and visit the Black Hole soon....probably not this year though unless I hit the Powerball  :P

from Randy

OK, I guess I'll start this guestbook off. You don't all have to do a long post here, you can be as brief or as long as you want.

My name is Randy. I'm Raider Greg's partner on Raider Nation Podcast and Raider Nation Videocast.

We are both firefighters who work together in the same fire department. We are both Raiders season ticket holders.

I became an Oakland Raiders season ticket holder in 1980 (the same year I joined the fire department). I would have gotten season tickets sooner, but you couldn't get them. There was a waiting list for tickets. The coliseum was sold out for every game for ten years or more from around 1970-1980. It wasn't until the rumors started going around that the Raiders might move to LA that some people started not renewing their season tickets, and that's when I was finally able to get one.

I attended the games in Oakland for 2 years before the team finally did move to LA. I sat in the old "bleachers", wooden temporary bleachers that ran along the east sideline. My ticket cost $17 per game. They would remove the bleachers when the stadium was in baseball configuration. Back then, the Raiders had a live orchestra that sat on the field in the corner of the north end zone.  That same orchestra also played in old Frank Youell Field (home of the Raiders from 1962-1965), before the Coliseum opened in 1967. They would play the Raiders theme song when the Raiders scored. Just like they do now on the big sound system, except this was a live orchestra with a conductor. Maybe 20 pieces in the orchestra or so if I remember right? Does anyone remember that? I remember going down to the Oakland airport to welcome the team back from their win in Superbowl XI against the Vikings.

For those who don't know, Greg started the podcast in May of 2005 when he was off work with an injury he got at work in the fire department (back injury). He was off work for a year or so, and his brother-in-law Al told him about podcasting and said, "you're driving my sister crazy being home all the're a Raiders fan....why don't you start a podcast?" Greg said "what's a podcast?". I think the first episode was May 20, and I started helping Greg with the podcast about 2 1/2 months later in August 2005. We started the Raider Nation Videocast at the beginning of the 2006 season. That's about it.

Oh, if you want a good chuckle,  you can hear what Greg sounded like in his very first podcast. Remember, this was recorded during the off season, before the start of training camp, half way through Norv Turner's two year term as head coach.

Download Raider Greg's first podcast, Show #1 (recorded May 20, 2005):

Tell us who you are, where you live, if you've ever been to a Raiders game, how you became a fan, or whatever you want to say.

Be as brief or as long as you want.

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