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Author Topic: NFL FREE AGENCY  (Read 4431 times)

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« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2016, 10:27:57 PM »
This is what put us in the cellar of the league in the first place! Being too much in a hurry to do something NOW....having no patience to let things develop. That's not how you rebuild.

Extremely well said, everything you said, but I had to focus in on this one point because this is what understandably frustrated fans didn't want to have to deal with. We have a commitment to excellence and the will to win, but we also must have the patience to win. Long-term success doesn't come overnight; it takes the right personnel. But sometimes you have to hold onto the wrong personnel until the right people come along. Yeah, we had to suffer through Pryor and McGloin and Dennis Allen (and believe me, I felt Raider Greg's pain every step of the way), but eventually we got Carr and Mack and Del Rio, and now the other pieces are being filled in, notably through Free Agency. We got a few guys who brought some success and now more are coming on board to join up with the excitement our young talent is bringing. And it only gets better from here. I honestly can't wait to hear future podcasts. The positive energy is going to be through the roof! ;D

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« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2016, 04:02:58 PM »
What a difference a 2 or 3 years makes. Disappointing free agent pick-ups the 1st few years under Reggie. Pretty clear now it was because no quality players wanted to come to the Raiders looking at 4-12, 3-13, etc with a team that wasn’t competitive, Dennis Allen as coach, etc. Once we picked up a few top quality players like Mack, Carr, Cooper, Crabtree, Aldon Smith, Del Rio as coach, Ken Norton as D-Coordinator......and coming off an improved 7-9 record.......players are a LOT easier to sign. They're coming to US now....and our players are helping to recruit other good players! Plus having so much cap space and  being forced to spend most of it this year because of the minimum cap spending requirements........it all adds up to a huge difference in who we were able to get in free agency.

The Raiders used to have a reputation of being one of the best teams in the league. For several decades they had the top won/loss record in the NFL. Younger players and fans only know the Raiders as being one of the weakest teams in football. They had so much to overcome in order to turn it around. Imagine if Mark Davis had followed the sentiments of some Raiders fans when they got impatient after two or three years under Reggie as GM....and fired him. Then having to start all over AGAIN....with a new GM (who knows who?), another new coach. We never would have gotten Del Rio and Norton. This is what put us in the cellar of the league in the first place! Being too much in a hurry to do something NOW....having no patience to let things develop. That's not how you rebuild.

It seems to me that the media and lots of people in general love to make fun of the Raiders and their poor record since their loss to Tampa Bay in Super Bowl XXXVII. They act like the Raiders are the only team to have had bad times. They look for any statistic that will paint the Raiders as the biggest losers ever. The talked about how many consecutive losing seasons the Raiders had. Then when they had their two 8-8 seasons, they found a new statistic to talk about.... consecutive "non-winning" seasons! No one ever mentions the fact that just about every team in the NFL has gone through bad times at one point of another. Just check the record books and you'll see that even the darlings of the NFL, like the Patriots for instance, had dark times.

Some examples...

Buccaneers: 15 straight non-winning seasons ('82-'96)   

Broncos: 13 straight non-winning seasons ('60-'72)                                                                     

Patriots:  11 straight non-winning seasons ('65-'75)   *Then 5 more non-winning seasons '89-'93

Eagles: 11 straight non-winning seasons '67-'77

Jets: 11 straight non-winning seasons '70-'80

Falcons: 10 straight non-winning seasons ('81-'90)

49ers: 8 straight non-winning seasons ('2003-'2010)

Seahawks: One winning season out of 10 ('91-2000)

Chiefs: One winning season out of 12 ('74-'85)

Lions: One winning season out of 13 ('2001-'2013)

Bears: One winning season out of 13 ('64-'76)

Bills: One winning season out of 14 ('2000-'2013)

Bengals: ONE winning season out of 16  ('89-2004)

Eagles: ONE winning season out of 16  ('62-'77)

Packers: ONE winning season out of 16  ('73-'88)

Cardinals: ONE winning season out of 21  ('77-'97)

The Saints didn't have a single winning season until 1987. That's 20 consecutive non-winning seasons ('67-'86)! Do you ever hear the media mention THAT?

The Rams CURRENTLY are on a 12 year streak without a winning season (2004-2015). Do you ever hear about THAT?

Complete NFL Won/Loss History:    http://www.footballdb.com/teams/index.html
Check out the other teams in the NFL and you'll find MANY more down times...

The Raiders current streak of non-winning seasons is at 13. We hear that statistic all the time. Why don't we talk about consecutive non-LOSING seasons? The Raiders hold that record at 16 consecutive non-losing seasons ('65-'80). The Patriots are currently on a 15 season non-losing season streak. No other team has even come close to the Raiders' record.

How many teams have NEVER won a Super Bowl, but the Raiders remain the worst team in the history of the NFL in the minds of many, regardless of the true facts. This all added up to a huge obstacle the Raiders had to overcome to get a real rebuild off the ground. But it looks like we're finally on our way.

We're rolling now! FINALLY! Momentum is on our side for once!

What do you guys think?
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« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2016, 08:23:22 PM »
Free agency has been HUGE :o this year! Like Raider Greg said in the latest podcast, it's like being a kid at Christmas. Reggie's delivering the goods; and let's be real here, it's because the Raiders are finally on the right track (Thank you, Reggie!) and players are sniffing a Super Bowl or two in the Raiders' near future.

My prediction is that the Raiders will be the first NFL team to three-peat. We know the Patriots will never do it because cheating can only take you so far, and because Brady and co. will be one their way down now. The Raiders are rising to the top and we'll be there for a good long while. All the haters are gonna have to get used to that.  8)
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