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R.I.P. Raider Nation members, friends, and family

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Matty Raider:

--- Quote from: NJ Raider Kev on July 10, 2015, 12:08:03 AM ---R.I.P. Ken "The Snake" Stabler, truly a legend!

Go Raiders!

--- End quote ---

Absolutely.  I heard the news last night and was floored.  Prayers to him to his family.

The epitome of Raiders swagger.  Truly one of a kind.  Rest in Peace Snake and condolences to your family.

NJ Raider Kev:
R.I.P. Ken "The Snake" Stabler, truly a legend!

Go Raiders!

RIP: Raiders guard Mo Collins - 38 years old
1st Rd draft pick 1998 - started 58 of 71 games for Raiders 1998-2003

Matty Raider:
Wow, 57 years old.  Very sad to hear...that's way too young.

Rest in peace.  Thoughts & prayers to his family and friends.

The Oakland Raiders had a moment of silence for the Oaktown Pirate today at the Raiders/Cardinals game. He will be missed greatly by the Raider Nation.


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