R.I.P. Raider Nation members, friends, and family

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RIP to the ASSASSIN  JACK TATUM    1948-2010         gone at the age of 61      You will be missed.  

Raider Bob from Knoxville:
From the Raider website

houston raider:
     Hello Raider nation,
First let me say that i am deeply saddened that Jack Tatum has passed today(as all in raider nation have).My dad was a ohio state fan(alum) so i became a fan and grew up hearing about jack-even saw him play against the Illini in 1969.Jack was the Ronnie Lott of his day.I would say that Jack was probably one of the BEST safeties the Raiders have ever had(on a short list).Jack was a HUGE reason why i became a Raiders fan.He would literally knock the snot out of you.Who can forget the hit he put on sammy white in super bowl xi(knocking his helmet off).jack's position coach at ohio state was the legendary Lou Holtz.May you rest in peace jack...My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time.

houston raider:
               hello Raider nation,
I just saw the AP wire story that today(tuesday july 27th,2010) that jack tatum passed away from a heart attack in a Oakland Hospital.I was a BIG fan of jack's since his college days at Ohio State.He was probably one of the GREATEST Raiders  of All time(at least on a very short list).I originally became a raider fan(in Huge part) because jack was on the team.Our thoughts and prayers are with jack's family at this time.R.I.P Jack tatum! God Bless!!jack's position coach at ohio state was the legendary Lou Holtz.Jack tatum was 61 years old.He left us WAY to Soon!!

Raider Jake:
He was a baller, in the truest meaning of the word.....  really would have loved to see him play back int the day  RIP JacK!


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