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Audio clip of the day!

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Here are a couple of audio segments from a Tennessee Radio station where they were discussing the Raiders and their upcoming game against the Titans.

Here what they are saying here:

I found the clips on this website:


--- Quote from: Randy on August 26, 2010, 03:22:33 AM ---Who is this mystery Boneline caller?

--- End quote ---

OK....I'll let you guys in on the answer to the above audio clip "mystery caller". Actually I was having a little fun with Juan Jorge (through a little editing). Juan was the one who made that Boneline call, back in May of 2008, when Jason Campbell was with the Redskins. I got a message from Juan just now saying, "ha ha ha Randy..."

To be fair to Juan....I didn't play Juan's entire call in the last post, I edited out some of it to make it sound like he was bashing Campbell even worse than he was.....just having some fun Juan  :D

Here's the whole background story about Juan's 2008 Boneline call:

Greg and I work with a guy in the fire department who is a Redskins fan. He called our Boneline on Show #193, back on April 29, 2008. You can see his name in the show notes for that show here:

The "Rowdy Redskin", as he called himself, ran down the upcoming 2008 season game by win/loss predictions. At the end he had the Raiders with another 4 win season (the same as the previous year).

Juan decided to fight back, and he called the Boneline the following show, on May 7, 2008 (Show #194). He ran down the Redskins 2008 schedule game by game, and came out with a sinilar result. You can see Juan's name in the show notes here:

Here are the two original, unedited, Boneline calls in their entirety. Take a listen:

The Rowdy Redskin, Show #193:

Juan Jorge's rebuttal, Show #194:

Who is this mystery Boneline caller?

Bo Jackson Interview with Greg Papa, recorded in the press box in the 3rd quarter of the Bears preseason game on August 21, 2010

p.s.  this isn't the entire was a lot longer. I missed about the first 10 minutes of it, just caught the last 3.

Raider Greg first announced our new 800 line, "The Boneline" back on Show #131 (February 10, 2007). We got one caller the following show, and it was none other than Juan Jorge (who we didn't really know yet, other than a poster on the forum).

For those who didn't listen to the podcast back before the Boneline existed, the segment we used to do at the end of each show was called the "Raider Nation Podcast Comments Forum Section", in which Greg would read posts from this forum. Actually, it was an older version of the forum that didn't have all these folders in it, it was just like a bulletin board with the posts all in one thread. When we started the Boneline, we could hear the voices of our listeners for the first time, and I think the show became a lot better and more interactive.

Here is a clip from Show #131, in which Greg announces the start of the Boneline:

and here is a clip from Show #132 (February 14, 2007) which includes Juan's inaugural Boneline call:


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