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There was an article in our daily news links today about Jason Campbell that was based on a recent radio interview.

New forum member "MD Raider" sent me the link to the actual audio interview. It's a great interview. It lasted about 21 minutes and Jason Campbell spoke on various topics including:

• what it was like when he first got to Oakland
• did the Raiders try to change his mechanics? What did the Raiders ask of him?
• his interaction with Tom Cable, how Cable expressed his faith in him, encouraged him to run and "just play his game"
• DHB...what Campbell thinks about him, his work ethic, why he wasn't successful in his 1st year, his improvement
• The Raiders 2010 season, the young players, how the players reacted to him and fought in every game as a team
• Al Davis....Campbell's experiences with him, what it's like to see Al after a win, and after a loss (players avoiding him)

After the interview was over, the hosts of this local Washington radio show continued talking about Jason Campbell, his years with the Redskins, Tom Cable, the Raiders. They also took calls from Redskins fans who had comments about Campbell.

To hear the interview, click the link below, then click on The John Thompson Show Hour #1 for 1/14/11
He starts interviewing Jason around the 4:44 mark:

Here is the link to the article about the interview:

"Jason Campbell on the D.C. distractions"

Thanks MD Raider!


--- Quote from: Randy on January 15, 2011, 03:16:53 AM ---Before they executed this guy, one of his last final statements, "Raiders are going all the way yall"
I love it!

--- End quote ---
Fucking GREAT!

Before they executed this guy, one of his last final statements, "Raiders are going all the way yall"
I love it!

This folder is for your audio links and comments.


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