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Matty Raider:

--- Quote from: oklandraida84 on January 29, 2011, 02:26:38 AM ---why is it terrible? that song is legit.

--- End quote ---

To me, it's a stereotypical corny rap video.  The main dude is half-heartedly lip-synching, his boy is smoking a dutch next to him, they show a flashy car later in the clip, and they have the annoying chorus of "black & silver, black & silver, Black & silver..."

I think it's garbage, but hey it's one man's opinion.  Randy asked, so I answered.

why is it terrible? that song is legit.

Matty Raider:

--- Quote from: Randy on January 28, 2011, 05:17:33 PM ---What do you guys think about this Raiders music video?
Da Problem

--- End quote ---

Just terrible.  Flat out terrible.

What do you guys think about this Raiders music video?
Da Problem

here's another one by the same group. It has some references to the Raiders and the A's, but its more about Oakland:

Nnamdi talks with Mike and Mike about how he was surprised to be a free agent and about Tom Cable being let go. They ask him about Shane Lechler's comments on Cable's release.

Nnamdi says that Shane is free to speak his mind because he's one of the team leaders and they all back him, but Nnamdi says his own opinion on Cable's release was...

• He was surprised at the release. He didn't even think it would be a question whether or not Cable would be back in 2011 after what they did this last season

• Nnamdi said, "when those type of decisions are made, you really don't question them because you know a lot of thought was put into it....obviously Al Davis and the people that he's working with, they're going to sit down and they're gonna cover everything and make sure that it's the right decision. That's the decision that they came to and you just got to go with it and move on, it's the nature of the game"

They also cover a lot of other good stuff.

They asked Nnamdi about:

• The NFL playoff matchups. Who Nnamdi thinks will win each game
• Steelers vs Ravens matchup
• Jets vs Patriots matchup
• Seahawks vs Bears
• What it's like to play cornerback when the other team doesn't throw your way the whole game

Listen here:


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