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Author Topic: TAILGATE PARTY - Location, Details, and MAP  (Read 16123 times)

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TAILGATE PARTY - Location, Details, and MAP
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2008, 11:24:59 PM »
This is one of the best tailgate parties at the Coliseum and even the entire NFL. The "Bad Boyz of BBQ", formerly known as TailgatersBarbecueParty.com. These guys have won several awards, including the Grand Prize at "Supergate I"....the tailgating competition at the 2008 Superbowl in Arizona.

Run by "Kingsford Kirk", this tailgate party is $25 per person, all you can eat, lots of great food. Kirk supplies ice chests in which you can keep your beer cold (bring your own beer or other alcoholic drinks....Kirk supplies soft drinks). If you want to eat, you pay the $25 and get a wristband that shows you paid....then it's all you can eat.

This tailgate party is frequented by numerous Raider legends and other Raider fan personalities such as John Vella, Cliff Branch, Raider Jerry, Gorilla Rilla, Toozak, Violator, and more.

We try to get there between 9 and 9:15. Sometimes we're a little later. The lot usually opens around 9.
Remember, we're in the SOUTH (Lot B) parking lot. There are two main lots, north (Lot A) entered from 66th Ave. and south (Lot B) entered from Hegenberger or Baldwin.

The tailgate party location is in the South/East corner of the South lot (Lot B). Way back in the far left corner of the south lot if the Coliseum is to your back, in the R.V. section. There is a little road back there where cars enter this section of the lot. Follow that road to the far left corner of the lot, past the buses, at the end of the RV section. Look for several motor homes with banners saying, BAD BOYZ OF BBQ or TAILGATERSBARBECUEPARTY.COM. Also look for a large RV trailer that has TV screens on the side. We can catch the morning football games as we tailgate.


You'll see the Hegenberger overpass dipping down right towards were we are. If you are by the stadium you basically walk towards the sun to find us (for a 1pm game). With the stadium to your back we'll be on the far left by that overpass.

BART is a good way to get to the Coliseum. These days parking is by pre-paid parking pass only I believe. The lot is sold out for the year, but some people sell passes online.

Look at this map. It shows approx. where our tailgate party is. Look for the tall banners that say, "Bad Boyz of BBQ", or "Tailgaters BBQ Party".

See Kingsford Kirk's website below. I also posted the link to one of our videocasts that we filmed at their tailgate last year. It is in the 2nd half of the video. Robert Moorehead took the microphone from Greg and was roaming the tailgate talking to Kirk, Raider Jerry and others.




Tailgate Warriors on Food Network....Raiders vs 49ers tailgaters

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