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Authentic nameplates, numbers & letters


The numbers can be purchased for 2.50 a piece or you can buy the nameplate with the letters attached for 44.99.  I stumbled upon the site by accident earlier today.

So do you buy the letters individually?

Anybody got a jersey who the name on the back sucks or does not play for your team anymore?
I have a home and away RANDY MOSS #18 that I want to reuse.  My aunt is a master seamstress so destitching the nameplate for her would be easy.  But I need Murphy in authentic home and away letters. Now I will purchase an authentic nameplate that says MURPHY for $44.99 and I will now have an authentic home and away LOUIS MURPHY jerseys.   Think of all the possibilities.  Replace that crappy old RUSSELL JERSEY anyone?  Just type in the name and your problems are solved.  You just need to destitch the old nameplate and find someone to sew on the new one! ;D ;D ;D


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