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We were in a hurry to get out this week's show....had to combine the postgame and pregame shows, and couldn't include all of the boneline calls we got (we had quite a few this week). Sorry to those who got left off.

One call that I was sorry that Greg didn't use was from New Jersey Raider Kev. He has been a LONG time listener....a regular in our Chatroom on gameday, and a long time monthly contributor to the podcast (a Raider Nation Podcast "Hall of Famer" for sure). He also is the 2009 Champion of the Raider Nation Podcast Fantasy Football League. But even though we know Kev so well from his fantasy football participation every year....and his forum posts.....and the Chatroom, I'm sure that most people have never heard his voice. His boneline call this week was just his 2nd call ever. To tell you the truth, I don't even recall his 1st call.

Well, here is his boneline call that I think should have been on the show. I'm sure Greg would have included it if he had had more time to listen to all the calls. Also, below is a photo of Kev posing in front of the Statue of Liberty while holding the coveted Raider Nation Podcast Fantasy League Trophy.

Click link to hear Kev's Boneline call:

We haven't even done this show yet, but I was going through the Boneline calls just now (all 43 of them), choosing which ones we'll use in this show.....when I saw we had another Boneline call from Analicia, which was a nice surprise. A few shows back, Greg put the call out to the ladies to get on the Boneline and let us hear from them. So when Greg and I were in Nashville, in our hotel room, we were listening to the Boneline calls together....when we heard the first Boneline appearance of Analicia...and we both looked at each other and started smiling as we listened to her call.


We were blown away, because we aren't used to having many ladies call the show, especially ones as well spoken and knowledgeable as Analicia. So when I heard her voice on one of the calls for show 284, I put that one down on the list as an automatic inclusion for the show.

Then.....a few calls later.....I start playing another call......and this new female voice introduces herself as Natalie from Bron-co-hoe country.....she starts out kind of quiet and slow.....I'm listening.....and then she suddenly BLOWS ME OFF MY CHAIR....BACKWARDS! HOLY SMOKES!

I had to give you guys a sneak preview of her call that's going onto this upcoming show. You'll see why I was blown away within the first 30 seconds of the call. Natalie, you're awesome! (and so are you Analicia). Let's get some more ladies on here! You guys are great!


and here is Analicia's 2nd call. A little less "over the top" compared with Natalie, but very well thought out, to the point, short, and very sweet:


Needless to say, the Boneline went wild after the announcement of J-Russ getting cut. You may want to hold your calls for a week or so, since we have enough "I'm so pumped that JaBusto got cut" calls.

Raider Jake gets the prize for being the first Boneline caller to break the news!

how is c money gonna say tom cable shouldnt have been kept? i just dont see the logic in that, thats just one of the few things that have been good this off season!

Raider Mayek:
Heard C-Money on Show 244 (just catching up after my holidays) and he made me laugh so hard my iPod ear-plugs fell out.

But I wanted to let him know that he should cheer up a little bit. He sounds so angry about everything and it isnt healthy to carry that much pent up frustration with you my friend - perhaps you should support a team that will cause less pain this year, such as the Patriots, as the pre-season performance would indicate another stella underperformance is on the cards for this season.



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