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Re: Comment on Boneline calls here
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As I am the guy that brought the bag to the game, but did not wear it, it was for an emergency 31-3 beat dow!, which I thought would happen or worse. I glad I didn't have to wear it, and everyone was laughing about it, including the NATION, saying they thought about bringing their own bags..

Many dolphins fans feel sorry for us, how bad is that, they didn't even make cracks because they feel sorry for us. Remember they were 1-15 last year?

Remember its about the SHIT management is why we should be embrassed as the NATION. 6 years of this shit. I agree with Raider Greg and that we have to stop buying Raider stuff until we see some changes. We have some good players. All you have to look at is the HALL interception 1st week in washington! to piss us off some more, and now they are saying we are going to lose Nnamdi!

I had a great time meeting the Crusader Raider and everyone else that came out to support the team. Its usually half Raiders/Fins in the crowd, but you can see the toll on the nation, with a limited showing.

Times are dark my friends, but I am RAIDER 4 LIFE. WIN, LOSE OR TIE.

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Re: Comment on Boneline calls here
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I listened to the Panther postgame/Miami Pregame show today, and before i get started on my comment, i would like to say that i respect EVERYONES opinion so please don't come after my head on this one. To me, some of the most recent callers were baggin' on the Raiders, then trying to say "Raiders till I die" Isn't that a bit hypocritical? I totally understand being frustrated with the team, the results of the game, and the decisions, but COME ON for Christsake. The Raiders need us right now. They need our support. Yes, I am frustrated too, yes, some of the decisions they make aren't the best ones, but ladies and gentlemen, let's KEEP THE FAITH.

it could be worse, we could be winless like the lions and never have won a superbowl, or suck for 12 seasons instead of 5 or 6. We have the talent, we just need the leadership...or should i say keep the leadership. But ladies and gentlemen, like i said, let's keep the faith, and i respect each and everyone of ya'lls opinion, but with the way it sounded, (I don't know all of you guys personally so I'm hoping I'm wrong) but it sounded hypocritical.

Let's just cheer for our team, at least go out there and TRY to win, and love the Raiders.

I believe that axing Hall was a correct decision to do. Granted it was soon, and some of you guys are complaining about it. Well see it like this (here me out) either we give someone else a shot, save money (that we could invest in someone else, I.E. rookie, or give Asomugha that money he deserves), get that new CB some experience and possibly someone as good as Asomugha (or at least better than Hall) OR continue to get torched on that side and be down the hole another 8 million. The two draft picks that we spent on Hall are gone, let's face it, with or without axing him at the end of the season. But when i heard people complain about that, i was like "oh" But as i said, I respect all of your opinions, I LOVE the podcast (it's the only Raider news i get over here overseas besides damn BSPN), but let's keep the faith gentlemen. thank you

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Comment on Boneline calls here
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Put your comments on Boneline calls in here...