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Essex Raider:
Glad to see you back, hope you all had a good holiday season.

The forum went down because we exceeded the maximum file size of the database. With the help of our web host's tech support, I created a new larger database and transferred all of the forum files into it.

The forum had been getting sluggish for a while, and had been reporting error messages intermittently. Now I know why. Like when you fill the hard drive on your computer completely. Things are working a lot better now. Much quicker response.

If you notice an lingering problems with the forum, please let me know. Either on a forum message or at:

Thanks Randy, i thought it was just me that was experiencing the slow loading of this particular thread.

I don't know if it was because of too many posts in that thread that contained video links or what, but it was loading really slow for several weeks. I finally ran a test today, creating a new news thread with only today's news in it. It loads much I deleted the other one. Just in case anyone notices that the links don't go back beyond today, that is why.


--- Quote from: Crusader Raider on March 08, 2009, 11:02:40 AM ---randy I still cant post pictures is it something to do with how many bytes per message , not technical like you sir, any hints, hope you and greg had good birthdays.

--- End quote ---


Did you follow the photo posting instructions in the "PHOTOS" board of the forum? I just added a little more to the instructions to hopefully make it more clear. Here is the link to that post in case you have trouble finding it:

and here is the link to the main PHOTOS board:


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