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NJ Raider Kev:

--- Quote from: oklandraida84 on November 15, 2008, 07:32:25 PM ---randy is there a reason why the new posts are at the very bottom instead of the top? is there a way i can personalize it to make the newer posts at the top instead of the bottom?

--- End quote ---

Go into PROFILE and then LOOK AND LAYOUT PREFERENCES, then put a check next to
Show most recent posts at the top.

Go Raiders!

Any technical questions, problems, requests go here.
Click "Reply" to start your post...
FORUM NOTICE..."Guests" of the forum (non-registered people) only have 4 "permissions". Registered members have 31 permissions.
Permissions are what give you the capability to do certain things.

The 4 things that guests can do are:

1) Search for posts and topics
2) View the Calendar of events
3) View polls
4) View attachments

Basically, this means that Guests can only "look around". Guests cannot "post" comments, they can only read posts of others. So register for an account. It just takes a minute....and you'll immediately get 27 new permissions to do all kinds of stuff you can't do now.

Here are some of the "permissions" that registered members get.....

• Create a personal profile
• Post comments
• Choose between 3 "Themes", to customize how you want your forum to look
• View the member list
• View forum stats
• See who's online
• Send (email) topics to friends
• Send personal messages to other members
• Assign an avatar or picture to represent yourself
• Create polls that people can vote on
• Create a buddy list
• Add links to your profile for other instant messengers and more (show your links to others...your website,  MSN messenger, AOL IM, Yahoo IM, ICQ, etc)

and more...

After you register, click on "Profile" in the center of your window near the top. On your profile page, you can create a profile about yourself, where you live, ad a picture or avitar, etc. On the left side of the profile page there are a bunch of links to other pages that enable you to set up your forum the way you want it (see attachment photo below)

JOIN THE FORUM! Then make a post in our GUESTBOOK. Tell us who you you became a Raiders fan....where you live, etc. We want to know who you guys are. We add the names of all new forum members to our home page at

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