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GREAT NEW Raider book out


houston raider:
I bought a GREAT New Raider book awhile back.It's called Badasses by Peter Richmond.IT talk about John Madden,Al Davis and the cast of famous Raider characters-Banaszak,Stabler,Hendricks, Tatum,Villapiano etc during the late 60's-late 70's.I especially enjoyed the training camp antics-female streaker at practice,Raider players partying at the Bamboo Room(next to the El Rancho) where they had training camp,air hockey tournaments, Ted Hendricks antics.Players trying to get in before the 11pm curfew then going back out-Biletnikoff,et al...
     Greg has a firemen friend named Joe whose father tended bar for the Raider players when they broke curfew at the El Rancho.It's a Classsic story.I woke up, and couldn;t put the book down-i laughed my ASS's a GREAT read!


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