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--- Quote from: RaiderWildeStyle on January 05, 2011, 08:47:51 PM ---
...Harbaugh will be a great molder of our quarterback plans for years to come.

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So you think Harbaugh will be the Raiders next head coach? I heard on the radio today that Harbaugh was offered 5.5 million a year to coach college, and that he's asking a min. of 7 mil/year to coach in the pros. You think Al will be willing to pay a coach $7,000,000 a year when he's never paid more than $2,000,000?


--- Quote from: Millernation on January 05, 2011, 06:25:05 PM ---
--- Quote from: HELLRAIDER on January 05, 2011, 06:09:29 PM ---when the employees of any business are pissed off about management they dont perform as well or choose to leave......any of you who have not taken a look at the free agent list of ours need to examine what will happen when all the good ones leave..........the team will suck...................................again........!

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so who is pissed of the punter?  Fuck him.  He rarely gets hit or does the hitting.  U go out on the football field playing half ass and the other team will put your azz in the hospital. 

The first person you need to believe is your QB and Campbell is happy Cable is gone.  Some players need to go. 

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the truth man...

I totally feel the same way about the position punter.

I admit that Lechler is one of the greatest of all time, however I believe that there's a general consciencious around the league that Punters are 2nd class citizens.

If Seymour or Asomugha echoed similar thoughts about Cable then we would be in trouble.


--- Quote from: Raider Rodney on January 05, 2011, 02:24:07 PM ---

Wtf does everyone think Harbaugh will be such a grand coach in the NFL anyway???  He made Stanford respectable....woohoo big fucking deal??!!  He's had Luck (who is a stud).

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I read from some respected NFL analysis that a person asked the same question you pondered Rodney and the NFL analysis (i think it was Scheft.. LOL RESPECTED) basically they touched on the subject that Andrew Luck was an average prospect coming out of College... Had he been a high school superstar then he probably wouldn't have gone to Stanford but to a powerhouse program like Texas, USC etc.

Harbaugh will be a great molder of our quarterback plans for years to come.

Coaches come in bowing to Al and doing his bidding.  After awhile they feel their oats and do what they think is best instead of what Al thinks is best.  When you do that and don't win, you are fucked.  Curly-Joe's issues with Jason Campbell doomed him when the raiders missed the playoffs.  Al wanted Campbell, Curly-Joe wanted Bruce.  After the miami fiasco, Curly-Joe was fucked. 

Don't get into a power struggle with Davis.  U will lose.  Al wants U to do it his way and win.  Jackson didn't throw the miami game.  Curly-Joe made the decision to start bruce and that doomed him

Raider Rodney:

--- Quote from: Randy on January 05, 2011, 07:09:19 PM ---I don't see Al Davis hiring anyone other than Hue Jackson for head coach. The 49ers ask for permission to interview Jackson, and within hours Cable is notified that they won't extend his contract. Why else would they act so fast unless it was because they didn't want to lose Jackson?

Hue Jackson wants to be a head coach, and if another team makes him the offer and the Raiders don't, he wouldn't stick around to be offensive coordinator. As soon as I heard Hue Jackson's first speech at the Raiders podium in front of the media, it became obvious to me that Al brought him in as a successor to Cable. It was just a matter of time. This was probably Al's plan all along. I don't think Cable ever had a chance to coach here beyond this point. Al had a year to look at Jackson and make sure that he would make a good head coach.

I'll bet that Al has already spoken with Jackson and made him the offer. They'll just hold off on the official press conference until whatever day Al decides is the right time to make the announcement. On the other hand, who was it....Kiffin....or Gruden....who said that he doesn't remember Al ever actually offering him the job verbally? He never actually put it in words. I think it was Gruden.

Has anyone heard if there is a meeting time scheduled for Jackson to meet with the 49ers? I'm wondering if that is still in the works. What if Hue wants to hear more than one offer? He's sitting in a position of power now. I wonder if he'll use any leverage to get the best contract he can moneywise? He might tell Al he wants to hear other offers, and force Al to make him a sweet offer in order to stay. What do you guys think?


Hue Jackson is interviewing for the 49ers head coaching job today, per this article I just ran across:

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With our luck...Cables gone....and Jackson will sign with the 49ers....then what Al???


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