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I am glad to see all the Raider band wagon fans come out! Glad to see what players in the team dont have their heart and mind set on the Raiders! All this talk about no longer following the Raiders, and all these players saying they might leave, I have one word for you..LEAVE!! We dont need you! I am sure a lot of you are confused and dont know what to make of it like myself, but I am sure as hell not going to leave the Raider Nation. HEll NO! I didnt agree with Al's decision at first, but after thinking about it. I agree with it, McFadden had a GREAT year, and it was not due to Cable, the plays that Jacoby made werent designed by Cable. Sure Cable is a GOOD coach, and I am sure he is great at other things, but right now we got over the hump ( of not being a losing team) and I agree with the decision to keep fighting forward. We cannot settle for 8-8.Period, we cannot be 2-8 outside the division! BUT if we dont hire Hue or Jim Harrball. THEn this wont be such a good move. GO RAIDERS!!!!


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--- Quote from: HELLRAIDER on January 05, 2011, 12:58:27 AM ---Mr. Miller, site your unnamed raider always act like you know everything about football......What team have you coached...........I think you like to talk just to get a rise out of people......if you cant name the player then dont make the statements.....

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He has no player. He is only here to get validation from strangers about his supposed "football knowledge" to boost his small sad ego. The fact is this guy does not say anything that a few nights watching Inside The NFL couldn't teach you. Honestly. Has this guy ever said anything enlightening? Or anything that hasn't been said time and time again here? He walked into a well established RAIDER forum and thought he would dispense knowledge that would some how make him "king of the boards". What he found was plenty of knowledgeable RAIDER fans who had little time for his bullshit. Perhaps his wife doesn't let him talk very much at home and this is his only way to feel superior. Or perhaps he is a failed athlete trying to recapture his glory days. Let me guess Millernation. Did you once score four touchdowns in a single game?

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Since I don't watch Inside the NFL, I guess Showtime should call me and hire me on the cheap.  Thanks though for the Dr. Phil analysis.  I never scored 4 touchdowns in a single game but I came very close and had teammates who did. 

I did say at the beginning of the season that Louis Murphy is not a #1 NFL wideout.  Wasn't that enlightening because it sure turned out to be true.  I guess its cool to put your opinions on the board unless it doesn't agree with the certain members.  True, anyone posting on this board could be full of bullsh!t but could also be credible.  I guess if your opinion is unpopular by the board elitist, you are full of bullsh!t  :-\


--- Quote from: Raidersully on January 05, 2011, 12:47:38 AM ---
--- Quote from: Millernation on January 05, 2011, 12:31:09 AM ---Jabusto is not the only one who contributed to his downfall.  Cable never liked him and sought ways to undercut him.  Jabusto would be told by Cable to report by a certain time then whine that Jabusto would never come in early. 

Jabusto would get nothing but negative feedback from Cable althought Cable would always give positive feedback to the other QB's.

He would blame Jabusto for missing reads the o-line was suppose to make.

Jabusto would ask Cable questions in meeting and at practice and Cable would always respond with Don't worry about it.  So give me a break about Jabusto. 

Didn't the Chefs have a knew OC and DC also?  Didn't the chefs also have injuries and rookies?  You're giving shitty excuses.  The team has gotten better because they have better talent.  They still went 2-8 outside their division loosing to teams like the DeadBirds and the 4.9ers. 

One more year would mean signing him to another contract and he will want more than 1 year 

This was conveyed to me by a raider player.  Jabusto was lazy and should have worked harder but he received little push from Cable who never wanted him as a Raider QB anyway. 

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Are you seriously defending JaBusto? You ARE fucking crazy. Perhaps what Cable saw was a player too high to get the job done? Perhaps he saw a player that could not man up and do what a professional player is expected to do? Perhaps he realized JaBusto did not give a shit about football once he was paid. When your third string QB makes a point to say to the media how surprised he was to see JaBusto arrive early before practice, that says plenty for me.

Of course didn't Cable and the offensive coaches also "dumb down" the play book for JaBusto and they even cut the field in half for him as far as reads. Please. This guy was built like a brick shit house and went down with ankle tackles. JaBusto is a waste and THE biggest bust to ever be drafted. This the fault of Al and JaBusto. No one else. You want me to give it a rest because it disproves your piss poor arguments.

Yes the quiefs did get new OC and DC coaches and improved. But they also have been having solid drafts for the last few years, a GM, and a non-meddling owner. They did not get great over night. They only got better. My "shitty" excuses are nothing compared to your shitty arguments.

Yes he will get a two year extension. But when has that ever stopped an owner from firing a HC before a contract is up? Even more so when that owner is Al Davis. If you are still not sure the answer to that question. Ask Shanarat and Kiffin.

Ah yes. your "unnamed RAIDER player" that you say you know. So should Cable have held his hand when he was to drunk from the "sizurp" to attend meetings? Or should he have wiped his chin as JaBusto finished off his 12 cheeseburger? JaBusto is a grown man. If he is unable to find his balls and acted like one. Then why should Cable find them for him?

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I'm not defending Jabusto numbnutz, I'm letting you know he wasn't the only dipsh!t involved in that disaster


--- Quote from: HELLRAIDER on January 05, 2011, 12:58:27 AM ---Mr. Miller, site your unnamed raider always act like you know everything about football......What team have you coached...........I think you like to talk just to get a rise out of people......if you cant name the player then dont make the statements.....

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Because it wouldn't be fair to the player if I outed him.  If U don't believe me, I don't give a shit and a half.  I don't know everything about football but I know a lot and won't try to hide it because it bothers others. 

Cable got the Ax.  Good start.  I knew enough that he would get dumped

If this ends up breaking the team and they have to start over I will no longer follow the Raiders. Nore any other team just done with football I will be. The Raiders have passed away..


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