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Raider Rodney:
I'm trying my best not to just go off the deepend...and it's not fucking working!  IF (and that's a big fucking IF) he has someone lined up legit like Gruden or Cowher...I'm ok with this.  But if this to let Jackson take over...hell...if it's even for Harbaugh I will be fucking pissed!

Wtf does everyone think Harbaugh will be such a grand coach in the NFL anyway???  He made Stanford respectable....woohoo big fucking deal??!!  He's had Luck (who is a stud). And besides that how many other (and much better) college coaches have came out and fucking stunk up the NFL???  A damn lot....

Mark my words...if we don't land a BIGTIME coach...Nnamdi, Seymour, Bush and a shit-ton more of our team will be out the fucking door....

This is so Fucked up it's untrue, another Dumbass move my Mighty Al, and i have news for anyone wanting Gruden, Harbaugh, Cowher or any other quality head coach.... it aint gonna happen, Mighty Al won't pay top dollar for a Coach because he believes that coaching is unimportant, he thinks its all about the organisation and the players and that the Sun revolves around him!
So it looks like Hue Jackson will probably be the next Head Coach, i have my reservations about him as an OC and you know that Mighty Al is going to be calling the shots from his crypt so god only knows whats going to happen. I really hope i'm wrong but if we don't start well next season we are looking at another run of 4 or 5 win seasons again. Go Raiders!!!

Lechler: "I think this is going to be a huge set back for us..."

“You’ll probably see people like Robert Gallery go on to another team, probably Michael Bush...”

“The last time I was probably this disappointed was when [Davis] traded Jon [Gruden] to Tampa.”

He said, “I think this is going to be a huge set back for us, to tell you the truth. Tom was good and how he handled the whole dealing with Al [Davis] and all that situation. He was one of the better coaches I’ve had that can handle that part of it and not let part of it bother the football team. And that’s what I enjoyed about him.”

As for Hue Jackson, “It’s kind of hard for me to judge Hue.”

“Yes I do respect him,” said Lechler. “Whether he can call plays and pull off the whole head coaching deal and deal with Al Davis on the side, I don’t know, that’s a lot on somebody’s plate.”

Lechler said he attempted to call Davis and senior executive John Herrera, but was discontented with them not picking up his call.

This probably won't happen, but if we get Gruden, everything.....will be alright.



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