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Jackson would keep the current stability in place.  Curly-Joe made decisions that cost the raiders games, a division and the playoffs

Ahhh, Childress took his team to the NFC championship game last year.  Made the playoffs 3 out of 5 years.  Hardly the Norv Turner of the NFC.  He is surely a better coach than Curly-Joe

The Eagles OC is also looking at HC positions.


--- Quote from: RaiderWildeStyle on January 04, 2011, 03:16:51 PM ---Hey Keith.

This is exactly the reason why Cable should go. a 3 win improvement with no Jamarcus Russell in our lineup and all the other good things that have happened this offseason.

Cable Underachieved... He's been promising playoffs the last 2 years and failed to deliver both times.

--- End quote ---

Once again you are under selling the JaBusto story. That hurt this franchise big time. This is a quarterback driven league and we had a shit at the QB position and his back ups were, at best, 30-40 % better. This is the failure of Al and JaBusto. Not Cable.

Three win improvement is nothing to scoff at when you consider a new OC, new QB, new rookie MLB, starting the year with a shitty LT and only DMAC of our two back attack, Nnamdi being out two games, and DMAC for another two games. It is not the playoffs but it does show progress. More than any other coach for the last seven years. This team has gotten better with every year under Cable. What would one more year hurt? Again, it is not as though great caliber coaches are knocking down the doors of the RAIDER front office demanding an interview.

Here is another improvement I have yet to see talked about. How about Cable changing practice times before the Jags game to try and get the player better acclimated to the time change. Now I know many of you will point out that we did not win that game. True. But no doubt we performed better than our other two trips to the east(Titans and Pittsburg). A small thing perhaps. But it could pay dividends come next year.


--- Quote from: Millernation on January 04, 2011, 02:06:45 PM ---We already know H. Jackson would, which is your backup plan.  There are also many offensive and defensive coordinators who would take the chance at being head coach.  Dan Snyder landed Shanarat and everyone knows Snyder is a noisy, know nothing owner.  How about Childress?

--- End quote ---

Hue Jackson at best is a lateral move. No reason to fire Cable if the replacement is a step to the the left and not forward.

Childress?!?!?! Are YOU fucking insane? He is a horrible HC. He was the Norv Turner of the NFC. He lost the locker room and bet all his chips on an aging QB that he hoped would have another career year. No thanks.

As for Shanarat. He just needs to keep a check coming to keep his year around tan going. Snyder also does not poke his nose into play calling, offense and defensive schemes. He just thinks he can buy talent and it all works out. That is his major flaw.

Once again you cry for Cables head with no real coaching choices to take over. You might as well shout into the wind. Cables is not perfect. but he is what we have. Feel free to be upset and voice your opinion. It will do little to change Al's mind.

Tell U what I wouldn't do.  Hire the special teams coach the Fraudgers just fired  :D

I would bring in Mike Singletary as linebacker coach and hire a new o-line coach.

What is Jerry Rice ort James Lofton doing these days?  A receiving coach

How would you like Cable and Hue Jackson flip-flopping jobs? Guys like Shell, Callahan, Crenell, Turner, etc moved back down to asst. jobs after getting fired as head coach. What if the Raiders promoted Hue Jackson to head coach and offered Tom Cable a lower job to stay on with the Raiders?

After seeing how Cable called games in '09, I think I'd rather have Cable as head coach and Hue Jackson as OC, than have Cable go back to OC. I doubt that Cable would be willing to go all the way back down to offensive line coach, but that would be ok with me if he were willing to do it. What do you guys think?

If Jackson gets the head coach job, who should our OC be?

Let's play Raiders fantasy football. Al Davis just hired you as GM. What would you do? Who would you go after? Lay out your coaching staff and office staff.


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