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R U people fucking insane?  2-8 outside the division.  Pulling our starting QB after 6 quarters.  A offensive line that still can't handle a line stunt.  Poor coaching challenges.  Horrible replay challenges that cost precious time outs.  Clock mismanagement.  Lack of Discipline.  The con job he gave the raider nation about DHB.  Great, two more wins than last year.  We still can't beat elite teams. The Fraudgers were down this year, the ho's were only better than the Panthers. Should have sweep the NFC West.  

Look at the sub-500 teams we lost to:


Our out of division wins came against two sub-500 teams from the terrible NFC West.

Curly-Joe must go

Crusader Raider:
When the media talks about Coach Cable's overall record as head coach they always forget he was lumbered with Russell when he came in and it was not till this year that he made the choices re QB and the development of our new young talent. The new team spirit and the passion we have in the side once more will remain and become stronger if we keep Cable, Shane Lechlar has made it clear how he and the team feels about Tom staying on and finishing the job he has started, lets hope Al feels the same, I'm sure after 7 seasons of crap 8-8 and a division sweep must feel like we have made many positive steps even if we have not made the playoffs this year.

Coach Cable was a fluke choice made by Al, and look what he accomplished with what he has to work with....8-8 after so many coaches we had couldnt...I agree he deserves to stay one more year and give him a chance to finish what he started to build...if we dont make the playoffs this year then he's FIRED!.... :o

Raider Greg:

--- Quote from: HELLRAIDER on January 03, 2011, 10:59:39 PM ---You can all forget getting a really good coach!  Nobody will deal with AL's crap and he won't pay anyone just stop wishing......................much like my wish for MICHAEL VICK!    It will never happen!

--- End quote ---
I got to agree here....What great coach will want the owner to pick his staff.......NONE! What great coach will let the owner pick the Draft picks.....NONE......Al Davis is a control freek with a HUGE ego. He cannot be upstaged. The coach cannot be bigger than the great Al Davis and if he is.......He is Gone....The other problem is Mike Taylor and John (douchbag) Herrera, both are Snakes that hide in bathroom stalls looking for a foot to tap......This poison MUST be flushed out of Alameda for us to become great......The Cancer has taken its toll.....Fuck these Fools..... :-X

You can all forget getting a really good coach!  Nobody will deal with AL's crap and he won't pay anyone just stop wishing......................much like my wish for MICHAEL VICK!    It will never happen!


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