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Matty Raider:
So Reggie waived DE Shelby Harris.

We need all the pass rush we can get.  I understand he's a 7th rounder but he played well in the preseason at least.

I can't stand the incompetence anymore.

NJ Raider Kev:
Terrelle Pryor traded to Seattle for a 7th round pick.

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McGloin excited to learn from veteran QB Schaub
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Matty Raider:
So I scratched my head at McFadden re-signing for a 1 year deal but then found out it is mostly incentive's a bargain actually.  But this was interesting, found this today....

"Darren McFadden’s agent says his client turned down more money elsewhere to re-sign with the Raiders.
“We did have real interest from four or five other teams — one offered more money,” said Ian Greengross, McFadden’s agent. “Darren wanted to stay a Raider. He felt like he still had something to prove in silver and black.” It couldn’t have been much more money, but it’s a sign that McFadden believes he has the best chance to revive his sputtering career in Oakland. For now, he only has to beat out raw yet intriguing sophomore Latavius Murray for the starting gig. Rashad Jennings has signed with the Giants. "

Jennings also said he was offered more from NY.

Players HAVE TO WANT to be here. I actually gained quite a bit of respect for McFadden after reading this.

Wu-Tang Hokie Raider:
Anything over 9 mil a year is too much for him... he's a B+ MAYBE when he isn't hurt. OT's in the draft are better than any OT's in free agency. We shouldn't fight too hard to keep ANY of our players. No one is THAT good.

Houston I think we should keep... but he is the equivalent to the smartest kid on the short bus. We are garbage, it will take a long time to rebuild and get quality players. I think we are better suited building from the draft which is what Reggie has said from day 1. To keep it exciting in the meantime, we should get some stunners... Vick, Revis type of players just to make it fun to watch.

But I still feel like our future is 2 or 4 years away. Really, this is the FIRST year we have gotten out of the mess that Al left us in... our stadium is a bigger issue, who would wanna go play there... it's not something you can really be proud of.

Building consistently good, playoff teams is a process... It sucks, and we aren't used to not making a splash year in and year out with big contracts and big names... but what has it done for us recently. New league, new rules, new way of business. Don't hold on to your money, but don't spend star money on mediocrity.

Of course we aren't better than 4-12, we have a team of mediocre players. And anyways, who cares if we go 4-12 or 8-8 or even 9-7... unless you get to and win the Super Bowl, who gives a fuck.


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